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How to transfer WhatsApp from Samsung to Samsung

--Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Now people like to communicate one of communication software is a WhatsApp. People like to talk to friends, family members, classmates, or voice conversations. But when you changed a new Samsung don't know how to turn the inside of the WhatsApp data information from mobile phone conversion come out. Encounter people should how to solve this problem?
Next, we will introduce two methods to solve the above problems.

Method 1: Use Google Drive to transfer the WhatsApp data to two Samsung

Step 1.Information about the old Samsung's WhatsApp data operation
Back up your old Samsung WhatsApp data. Open WhatsApp and click on the menu button for Settings. Select the chat record and call it. Click chat backup and complete.

Step 2.Transfer the WhatsApp from the old Samsung to the new Samsung. Install and open the WhatsApp to new Samsung. According to the usual enter your account password. You will be asked whether to import the old backup through Google Drive. Click on the "Yes" can be completed WhatsApp data transmission between two Samsung.

Method 2: Move Samsung's WhatsApp message to another Samsung with Mobile Transfer

A great piece of software is recommended. Instead of transfer over the Internet, we can transfer directly through the phone. Compared with the first method, the second method is simple and fast. The name of the software is called Doctor Telephone Mobile Transfer.

Step 1. Download and start the Mobile Transfer
You should download and run the Mobile Transfer on the computer, then put your two Samsung connected to a computer at the same time. When you enter the homepage of the program, you will see that the four sections are calls “Phone to Phone Transfer”, “Back Up Your Phone”, “Restore From Backup” and “Erase Your Old Phone”. Please select “Phone to Phone Transfer”.

Download and start the Mobile Transfer

Step 2.Select the “WhatsApp” to copy
The two Samsung's successful connection states will be detected by the program. Then, you can see that the starting location is on the left, showing the old Samsung. And arrive at the right position is the new Samsung. If you need to switch places, you can click the "Flip" button. Now, select the "WhatsApp" file to copy.

successfully connected

Step 3. Start to Transfer WhatsApp data
If you have done the previous two steps, click “Start Transfer” directly to transfer. It's important to note that in the transfer process, two stars don't disconnect. If the transfer software has a large memory space, please wait a few times. Because the last wait is worth it.

Start to Transfer WhatsApp data

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