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How to Transfer WhatsApp from Samsung to LG

--Friday, 29 December 2017

“Is there anybody who can help me transfer the WhatsApp data from my old Samsung to LG? I use Samsung Galaxy S7 and I would like to transfer all of the WhatsApp data to the new LG that I have recently bought. I know that I can download the photos on my S7 and transfer them from S7 to LG on Internet via WhatsApp. But it seems that it cannot help transfer audios, videos, and other conversation histories? Can anybody recommend me a solution which is easy to practice and help me transfer all the WhatsApp data at one time? A lot of thanks.”

It is a LG user and it is a very common situation. When the exciting LG came out, a lot of LG fans are going to purchase one in replace of the old one. However, the point is, as an everyday user of WhatsApp, you may cherish a lot the conversation history as it contains maybe some precious photos, important audio information, and videos that capture unforgettable moments. For this case, we strongly recommend you a very powerful tool which is also very easy to use – Doctor Telephone Mobile Transfer. Go on reading this tutorial, and follow the details steps below to settle your problem.

Solution: Transfer WhatsApp conversation history from Samsung to LG

Step 1: Download the program and have it installed on your PC
Click the download button and wait for the end of the installation. Run the program on your computer and then you can see the welcome page.

Download the program and have it installed on your PC

Step 2: Connect your old Samsung and the new LG to your computer
Use original USB cable to connect your Samsung to PC. Remember you should activate USB debugging at first. Wait for seconds and let the program detect your device automatically.

Connect your old Samsung and the new LG to your computer

Step 3: Start to transfer
After getting both phones connected, click on the button “Transfer” and start the procedure. Then in the pop-up window as below, choose “Yes” to confirm the transfer. The program will automatically scan the WhatsApp data in your old Samsung and transfer it to your new LG.

Start to transfer

When you see the result of transmission, it means you have finished. It is very easy to do that with the help of Mobile Transfer. So how do you like this tutorial and the useful recommended tool? Write down your opinions and comments below to let us know. What is more, if you have the further question of using smartphones, like data recovery, data transfer, let us know.

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