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How to transfer WhatsApp from LG to Samsung

--Friday, 01 December 2017

How does LG transfer data? With the new launch of each phone, many mobile phone users want to replace it with old ones. However, transfer data is more troublesome for users. But now mobile phone transfer data more easily, whether LG turns to Samsung, or turn to Android, Android device transfer data are simple. The following is a full strategy for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus/S7/S6/S5/S4/S3/Note8/Note7/Note6/A9/A8 to transfer WhatsApp data from LG, which is believed to help friends who change phones.

Method 1.Use Google Drive to transfer WhatsApp from LG to Samsung

Step 1.Backup WhatsApp data on your LG
Before transferring data, you need to back up the data you need to transfer. Take WhatsApp for example, open WhatsApp to set up, and click Chat for backup. Then copy the chat on your own to Google Drive.

Step 2.Transfer WhatsApp Backup to Samsung
After completing the WhatsApp backup on LG, follow the steps to Samsung. Install and launch WhatsApp on Samsung, login to your account and Google account. When you are logged in, you will be asked if you can resume chatting records and data from Google Drive. All you have to do is move the data by following the prompt.

Method 2.Use Mobile Transfer for transfer

The next recommendation is Doctor Telephone Mobile Transfer, which can be downloaded from below. The software applies to all types of mobile phones, such as Samsung, LG, Apple, Nokia and so on. In simple terms, all Android systems, iOS, and Windows phones can use Mobile Transfer to transfer all data to another device.

Step 1.Download Mobile Transfer and connect two phones
Connect the two phones with USB cable to the computer. Open the Mobile Transfer into the home page selection mode and click on the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode.
Tip: If you want to know if the two phones are connected successfully, the program will automatically detect the connection status. Failure to display a tick on the connection box is a failed connection.

Download Mobile Transfer and connect two phones

Step 2.Select WhatsApp to copy
Set LG to the left and Samsung to the right. This means transferring LG data to Samsung. Select “App” and “App Data”. Because these two choices are all the data that contains WhatsApp

Select WhatsApp to copy

Step 3.Start to transfer the WhatsApp.
Click “Start Transfer” after checking out the file. The next thing to do is to wait patiently. It's important not to reconnect with other cell phones during the transfer of the data. Because it could result in the error of the program and the loss of data or the confusion of the data. These are some of the methods recommended to you. Just move your fingers for a few minutes. Completing three or two steps can easily transfer the data you need.

Start to transfer the WhatsApp

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