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How to transfer Whatsapp from Android to Android

--Monday, 25 December 2017

Are you still fretting about ways to transfer WhatsApp? Are you still worrying about transferring WhatsApp when the data loss phenomenon happens? Do you still feel helpless for transfer steps of WhatsApp too complicated? Don't worry about it. Below to introduce two kinds of methods to solve the difficulties one by one. Two methods are used for various Android devices. It is not only convenient and quick but also meets the requirements of most people.It is very worthy of your trust.

Method 1: Transfer Android WhatsApp to Android with Google Drive

A brief introduction to the method. This is a way to transfer the WhatsApp data to an android phone using Google drive. First, you need to back up the WhatsApp data on your old phone. Open the WhatsApp to chat button menu > Settings > Call the chat > Backup. And installation and log in again on the new Android phones WhatsApp. It's gonna pop up the question box at this time. Whether through Google drive into the back line transfer, the choice is “OK”.

Using this method is the premise of the two mobile phones to connect the computer at the same time. And WhatsApp has binding your phone number and Google accounts.

Method 2: Transfer Android WhatsApp to Android with Mobile Transfer

Today the main suggestion is that this approach. This software is called Doctor Telephone Mobile Transfer. Here is a quick and easy program is introduced. This app is suitable for all kinds of Android devices. It can be used to transfer files such as contacts, photos, music, etc.

Step 1. First of all, you will be both on the Android phone is connected to the computer at the same time. Install and open the Mobile Transfer, you will see there are four options on the homepage. Please select “Phone to Phone Transfer” enter transfer magic.

Download Mobile Transfer and connect two phones

Step 2. After the two phones are successfully connected, they will display the model or name of your phone at the top of the phone. If you don't have the connection is successful, the program will not detect your phone. Please make sure that one of the android phones is a transfer and set it to the left side of the program. Another android mobile phone as a transferred is set on the right. If they want to switch, they can click "Flip". successfully connected

Step 3. After setting up a correct position of the two mobile phones can choose the file you want to transfer in the middle. If you want to transfer WhatsApp please select "App" and "App Data". After the success of the selection, click on "Start Transfer "to transfer directly. In the process of transfer, there will be a percentage of the countdown, and the partial completion of the transferred data will show "Success". If you change your mind on the journey can directly click "Cancel". But in general, will transfer success.

successfully transfer

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