How to Recover deleted Whatsapp from LG

--Thursday, 13 July 2017

WhatsApp has more than 500 million active users as a mobile chat application. And launched the Android Wear version of the application. Now people can read and reply to the LG watch. If you have a LG smartphone and a LG watch, you can use Whatsapp on these android devices. Sometimes we may lose whatsapp messages. When you use LG, you may accidentally delete whatsapp messages. Or install a new version of whatsapp app on LG. It is annoying you, you may lose important conversations with your friends. Do not worry, you may still recover these lost messages.

Recover whatsapp from LG

Obviously, you have been unable to find these LG whatsapp messages by yourself. But the lost whatsapp can be detected and scanned. Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery can help you to recover deleted whatsapp messages on LG. This program provides a simple way to connect your phone and get back the deleted whatsapp. You can read this tutorial and learn how to recover it.

How to Recover deleted Whatsapp from LG

Step 1. Run Android Data Recovery.
You can not know where this whatsapp is hidden. LG mobile phone does not have the features of retrieving data. But this program has a way to restore whatsapp messages. First you have to download and run this recovery tool. Do not worry, it will not damage your computer. He will not make your computer slow.

Run Android Data Recovery

Step 2. Enable USB Debugging.
This program needs to detect your LG smartphone. If it can not detect your LG, you will not be able to use this software to restore deleted whatsapp messages. You need to connect your LG to the computer. Then it can detect your LG. If the connection fails, you can Enable USB Debugging.

Enable USB Debugging

Step 3. Scan the deleted whatsapp messages.
As shown in the figure below, you can choose which data to recover. We recommend that you scan all LG data. It will not take a long time. During the scan, please do not disconnect LG from the computer. Otherwise you will not be able to successfully scan whatsapp on the LG. When the scan is successful, these deleted whatsapp will be displayed on the computer.

Scan the deleted whatsapp messages

Step 4. Recover deleted Whatsapp from LG.
Congratulations, now you can view these whatsapp on the software. You can find out the whatsapp messages you want. When you close the program, the whatsapp will disappear again. So you can export them to your computer.

Recover deleted Whatsapp from LG

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