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How to recover WhatsApp from damaged or broken Android

--Tuesday, 23 May 2017

It's very easy to recover whatsApp from a damaged Android device. Whatsapp is saved on android, you can reinstall whatsapp to restore the data. But this does not apply to broken android. In order to retrieve your whatsapp, you can view this tutorial.

Recover whatsapp from broken whatsapp

Samsung Data Recovery is a easy to use recovery tool. You can use the trial version of this software. When the software detects your android, you can restore your whatsapp.

How to recover WhatsApp from damaged or broken Android

Step 1. Download Android Data Recovery and click "Data Extraction".
This software is not compatible with all android devices. You need to connect Android to this software. Make sure the software can detect your Android device.

Run Data Extraction

Step 2. Scan whatsApp.
You can scan text messages, photos, contacts, videos, etc. To speed up the scanning process, you can selectively scan whatsApp.

Scan whatsApp

Step 3. choose why your android damaged.
Maybe you do not know why your android phone is damaged. Do not worry, this software will prompt you how to operate.

choose why your android damage

Step 4. Get into download mode.
This step is to get your Android device to download the recovery package.

Get into download mode

Step 5. Extract Android whatsApp.
When the package download is complete, the software will automatically extract the data from broken android. And then the data is resolved to the software.

Extract Android whatsApp

Step 6. Recover whatsApp from Black or damaged Android.
At this time all the work has been completed. You can view whatsApp on the software or export them to your computer.

Recover Photos Videos from Black Screen Samsung

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