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How to Recover deleted Whatsapp from Android

--Wednesday, 31 May 2017

"I accidentally deleted some whatsapp conversations on my Android Phone. My friend told me that the whatsapp software can be reloaded to recover the lost whatsapp history. But is this right? I am afraid I will lose more whatsapp conversations. Who can offer me some better suggestions?"

Recover whatsapp from broken whatsapp

Although you have deleted whatsapp messages on android. These data are still kept on your smartphone. If you do not recover these whatsapp messages in time, you will not be able to retrieve the data. Some android recovery tools installed on the computer can help you. It can scan and extract deleted whatsapp messages.
According to our experience, we do not recommend deleting whatsapp. Because we will introduce a better and more secure way to restore whatsapp messages in this tutorial. You can try Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery for free.
Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery supports the recovery of various files from Android Phone. Its recovery process doesn't need backup. You don't have to worry about making a backup.

How to Recover deleted Whatsapp from Android

Step 1. Connect Android Phone to PC
Download Android Data Recovery. If you can not connect to android to the computer? The software will prompt you to enable USB Debugging. You need to follow the prompts. If you can not connect android phone to your computer, you can turn on USB Debugging.

Connect Android to Computer

Step 2. Scan the deleted Whatsapp
This recovery tool can scan a variety of files from android. Depending on your needs, choose the file you want. The smaller the file, the shorter the scan time. During the scanning process, please do not disconnect the phone from the computer.

Scan the deleted Whatsapp

Step 3. Allow to scan whatsapp
The software will automatically scan your data. But before this, you need to allow the software to scan your android phone. This will not damage your android phone. Sometimes the android system needs your permission. This step can speed up the scanning speed.

Allow to scan whatsapp

Step 4. Recover deleted Whatsapp
Now your delete whatsapp has been extracted to this software. You can see if this is the data you want. In order not to lose your data, we recommend exporting them to a computer. If you want to better protect the data on android phone, you can try the backup features on this program.

Recover deleted Whatsapp

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