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How to Backup and Restore Whatsapp from Sony

--Tuesday, 05 December 2017

Hello, every Sony users! As we all know, WhatsApp is an app designed to help people to communicate with other people. Today we are living in a modern society. We accept more and more messages through WhatsApp in Sony. And now I wanna ask all of you Sony users, just in case, if all your messages in your WhatsApp have lost, what will you do? I believe you must be in a blank. Now, let me introduce some ways on how to backup and restore WhatsApp messages from Sony to all of you.

Part1: Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages with LG Device Local Backup

Now I want to inform you of a piece of good news that WhatsApp backs up your latest messages every day at 2 pm in local WhatsApp file in Sony. And this all happens automatically. However, to ensure that all the messages are backed up in your Sony, you had better backup WhatsApp messages in your local WhatsApp file in Sony manually. The followings are the steps to back up WhatsApp messages in Song local WhatsApp manually.

Step.1 Launch WhatsApp and you will be able to get sight of the menu on the right side of the top. Then tap “Settings”, And you will find the second button “Chat”, click it. Next, choose “Chat Backup” and you will see a green button written, “BACK UP”. Click on the button and now you make it.

Step.2 If you want to check the messages in Sony local file. Please find the local backup file in internal storage/WhatsApp/Database folder (or sd card/WhatsApp/Database folder). And one thing I have to tell you is that the messages backed up in Sony local WhatsApp files will only stay for at most seven days, which means you will not be able to restore your WhatsApp messages deleted seven days ago.

Step.3 Now I am going to tell you how to restore the deleted WhatsApp messages. Uninstall WhatsApp on Sony and reinstall it. Run the app and verify your phone number.

Step.4 Click on “Restore” and you will be able to check the local files. In the same way, the messages restored now also will only stay for seven days.

Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages with Sony Device Local Backup

Part2: Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages with Google Drive

Google Drive is another good way to backup and restores WhatsApp messages. What’s better, Google Drive will allow you to transfer your messages to another device while the local file will not. Here is the process.

Step.1 According to the way in part1, enter the “Chat Backup”

Step.2 The difference is at this time, you need to find “Google Drive Settings”. Then choose Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and cellular in “Back up over” Next choose “Daily” in”Back up in Google Drive”. And now the Google Drive will help you to backup and restore messages automatically.

Step.3 Now, I am going to show you how to transfer WhatsApp messages to another device. Install WhatsApp on your new device and verify your phone number. Then you will see a screen which will show you “Restore”. Click on it and you will be allowed to choose the messages to transfer.

Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages with Sony Device

Prat3: Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages with PC Using Android Data Recovery

This time, I want to recommend a great toolkit Android Data Recovery Toolkit for you. It makes the process of backing up and restoring WhatsApp messages from Sony more easier and quicker.

Step.1 Install Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery on your computer, launch it and connect Song to your computer. Things you need to pay attention to is that you have to ensure you have enabled the USB debugging

Step.2 Click on “Backup&Restore” and then choose “application data” which will be displayed on the screen.

Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages

Step.3 Waiting for the scanning process and then check your messages that you really want and click “Next”.

Select the whtasapp message you want to restore

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