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How to Recover Deleted Video on Android Phone

--Monday, 31 July 2017

It is not surprising if you delete the video on android. When you delete a video, it does not warn you that it is important to you. This is a case of my colleague. He lent his Samsung S7 to his friends on weekends. And tell his friends, if necessary, they can remove some useless videos. When he reclaims his Android smartphone, there are more videos here. But did not see some of his important videos. After that he was looking for ways to recover deleting video on android. But is it possible to restore these missing videos?
This is something we care about. Can deleted videos be restored? Yes, it can. When we introduce a recovery method, we first show how it is restored. When you delete a video, it does not destroy it immediately. Your video will be recorded as zero and wait for rewriting as new data. It's like having a Recycle Bin on the android, but you can not find and edit it. Some professional recovery tools can find it and restore it. You only need to implement the guidance of these tools.

Recover Deleted videos on android

Maybe you can use Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery. This is a professional and easy to use video recovery tool. It can detect your android phones including Samsung, HTC, SONY, LG and more. Then it will quickly find the video you delete even if it is saved on the SD card. This is some generalizations about this tool. Here we will guide you how to restore deleted videos on android. You can download and install this video recovery tool first.

How to Recover Deleted Video on Android Phone

Step 1. Download and install video recovery tool.
You can find the latest version of this software in this tutorial. Install and run it. Then you will see the main interface of this recovery tool. It will remind you to connect the android phone to the computer. If your android smartphone can not connect to the computer, you can view step 2.

Download and install video recovery tool

Step 2. Enable USB debugging.
Some android smartphones may be unsuccessful when connected to the computer for the first time. Different android systems have different ways to enable USB debugging. This recovery tool has a detailed tutorial on it.

enable USB debugging

Step 3. Scan deleted android video.
Here we need you to check "video". When you select "Video", this program scans all the video on your phone. When the scan is over, you can see them in the program.

Scan deleted android video

Step 4. Recover Deleted Video on Android Phone.
Go to the last step, and this recovery tool has found the video you deleted. You can view those videos that have been restored. They will be displayed in red. This allows you to quickly distinguish which videos are deleted. The safest way you can restore them to the device.

Recover Deleted Video on Android Phone

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