How to Retrieve Deleted SMS from HUAWEI

--Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Did you accidentally delete the SMS on Huawei? It's a pity! There are too many reasons we may lose the SMS on the Huawei phone. The most common is to upgrade or downgrade the android system. Or mistakenly deleted the text messages. In the absence of backup, it is better to retrieve deleted sms from Huawei by using Android Data recovery.
When your Samsung, HTC, LG or Huawei lost data, you can use Android data recovery to restore text messages, contacts, photos, video and so on.

How to Retrieve Deleted SMS from HUAWEI

Step 1. Connect HUAWEI to Computer
After installing this software, it will run automatically. When you can not connect Huawei to a computer, you need to turn on USB debugging.

Connect HUAWEI to Computer

Step 2. Check your lost SMS
When the software detects your Huawei, you can check "Messaging". It takes less time than checking all the data.

Check your lost SMS

Step 3. Start to Scan deleted SMS
The program will scan your data automatically. You will not wait too long. The amount of time you wait depends on the number of messages. But you need to allow the software to scan your Huawei phone.

Start to Scan deleted SMS

Step 4. Retrieve Deleted SMS from HUAWEI
When you entered this step, congratulations on finding back the deleted SMS. You can also see whether this is your missing SMS on the software. Click on "Recover" and you can recover deleted SMS from HUAWEI.

Retrieve Deleted SMS from HUAWEI

Using this efficient recovery tool, you can retrieve the data you deleted. Now you can download the trial version and connect your Huawei to the computer.

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