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How to Recover Text Messages from a Broken Samsung Phone

--Saturday, 25 March 2017

Sending and receiving text messages for phone users is the most common kind of function. But have you ever wondered if your cell phone is broken? People often encounter this problem.
Of course, the best way is to send the broken mobile phone to the service center for repair. If you can not wait for a long repair time or do not want to repair this broken phone, this article will describe a sms recovery tool for mobile phone. It can be particularly suitable for Samsung phones.
If your Samsung phone meets the following conditions, you will be more likely to resume your text message.

1. Can boot, but inability to operate your broken Samsung phone.
2. Phone is damaged by water could not be normal boot.
3. Can not boot, but can connect to the computer through the usb.

How to Recover Deleted/Lost Text Message from a Broken Samsung Phone

Android Data Recovery is an amazing software that can help you extract the broken phone's files, restore text messages, contacts, photos, music, call logs, and compatible with Samsung phones.

Step 1. Install Android Data Recovery.
Connect broken Samsung phone to Windows or Mac. This program will prompt you to connect your device to PC by USB. As the Samsung mobile phone has been damaged, you need to view the tips on the PC.

connected android pc

Step 2. Using "Data Extractiong" and check "Messages".
It takes some time to analyze files, you can cancel the other options in addition to "messages". When you click "Next", this program will detect the SMS on Samsung.

broken select files

Step 3. Select the cause of your damage device.
You will see two options, chosen to match your device. You can view the tutorial on this program, it will guide you how to choose this option. It will download different files according to your choice.

broken phone fault type

Step 4. Enter Download Mode on Samsung.
This program will guide you how to make Samsung phone into the download mode. When you successfully perform this step, your damage Samsung will receive the file from this program. These files will fix and detect Samsung's text messages.

broken phone download model

Step 5. Analyze Broken Device.
This program will analyze and extract the recovery package. When the download is complete, you can view each message.
extraction scan device

Step 6. retrieve Text Message.
Now, the sms from your broken phone have all been displayed on the screen. You can directly view by the program, or export the recovered file to your computer. And then import to other devices.

extraction preview contacts

Tips: How much does it cost to fix Samsung screen?

1. Refer to the previous case, depending on your Samsung device model, hardware maintenance costs between $49.99 and $269.99.
2. We recommend to send your phone to the Samsung service center, although it may cost more, but higher quality.
3. You should choose a reliable third party to repair your phone.

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