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How to Recover Text Messages from Broken Android Phones

--Sunday, 26 March 2017

Not all broken android phones can be repaired. Before recovering text messages on your Android phone, you need to make sure that your damage phone meets the conditions that can be fixed.
Let's look at the most common causes of the three kinds of damage that support the recovery of SMS.

1. Touch doesn’t work or cannot access the phone.
Android device is damaged by water or dropped slightly to the ground.
2. Black/broken screen
Severe collision caused the screen to be damaged or the screen connection loose.
3. Can not boot
Make sure your device can be connected to your computer by using USB.

How to Recover Text Messages from Broken Android Phones

Android Data Recovery is a professional extraction, recovery software. You can solve the problem that cannot view files on broken android phones by using this tool. Photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs can be recovered by using this software, which is highly compatible with Android system and has the highest retrieval rate.

Step 1. Launch Android Data Recovery.
This program is designed to run on Windows or Mac. You need to download and install the program on the appropriate computer. Watch out for the tips of this program and connect android to the computer.

android data extraction

Step 2. check "Data Extractiong".
After clicking "Data Extractiong", you will see a series of files such as messags, photos. Select what you want to restore. These messages will be extracted from the android phone to the computer.

broken select files

Step 3. Select Fault Types.
This is one of the more important steps, please select the reason your device is damaged. This tutorial will guide you how to make a choice. Your phone will receive different files according to your choice.

broken phone fault type

Step 4. Enter Download Mode on android phones.
Only 3 simple operations are required:
1.Power off your device.
2.Press the Volume down button, Home and Power button at the same time.
3.Press the Volume up button to enter Download mode.

broken phone download model

Step 5. Analyze Text Messages from Broken Android.
If you just ticked "messages" in the above steps, you will wait a little while for the data to be extracted from your android device. You need to wait for the program to scan your android phone.
extraction scan device

Step 6. Just preview or recover.
Check the text messages retrieved on the screen. Do they belong to your broken device? If necessary, you can restore them to your computer.

extraction preview contacts

Tips: What to do with a broken Android screen?

1. If your android device is still under warranty, you'd better choose the manufacturer to repair your device.
2. For the old device, you can try to repair your damaged equipment by a third-party repair shop. It costs less, but may not be of high quality.
3. Repair device by yourself, You have to remember to turn off the power, carefully open each part, it is best to find a complete video tutorial on the Internet.

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