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Frequently Asked Questions for Android

1. Why does Samsung / Sony / HTC / Huawei still fail to connect to the software?

1) Be sure to enable USB debugging on your devices first:
2) Connect your device to a PC with a USB cable.
3) Tap on your phone "Connected as a device" and select "Multimedia Device (MTP)" or "Camera (PTP)"
4) Then find the correct driver for the device on the link below and install it on PC.

2. How to enable USB debugging from Samsung / Sony / HTC / Huawei or other Android phones?

Read this article: How to Enable USB Debugging on Android Device

3. Whether my Android phone can use "Android Data Extraction"?

Read this article: Compatible Devices Mode ″Android Data Extraction″

4. Android data recovery stuck at 90% during the scan process, how to do?

This may be because Android Data Recovery fails to crawl the device, which requires rooting the phone. So, we recommend you try a root tool to root your device. You can search here: How to root your Android phone? After root, install the recovery software again on your PC in order to try again.

Frequently Asked Questions for iOS

1. The software fails to detect my iPhone / iPad / iPod, why?

Be sure to have iTunes installed in the latest version on your PC or Mac. Otherwise, install iTunes in the latest version on this site:, and try it again.

2. Why iPhone Transfer can not display contacts and messages from my iOS device?

1) Install iTunes last version on your PC or Mac.
2) Close iCloud contacts backup operation on your iOS device, and save contacts on your iOS device.