How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note

--Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Like “jailbreaking” for iPhone users, “rooting” has become more and more common for Android smartphone users. In fact, Android is the system which is more attractive for some people to some extent as it is an open system which offers a lot of possibilities, comparing with another smartphone open source system. For others, rooting is also an essential step in order to use an Samsung in a more advanced way. For example, you may want to delete some of the original applications which you have not used for years, or you are so eager to improve the performance of your smartphone and some specific applications you want to use may inquire rooting. Here we will talk about this mystery and we will take Samsung Galaxy Note as an example. Continue this passage and learn more about rooting.

Part 1: What are the benefits of rooting?

Here we quote several benefits of rooting which may concern our daily usage most.

Removing useless applications:
Your smartphone has been pre-installed a lot of applications by default from the first day you bought it. Rooting will help you delete the apps that you don’t want to use any more and free the internal storage of your smartphone.

Installing specific applications:
After you have rooted your Android smartphone, you can install new apps or use some of the advanced functions of these applications.

More rapid process speed and better battery life:
Rooting allows Samsung users to have access to many settings to boost the performance speed and to save battery energy.

Changing Android skin:
Once you have rooted your Samsung Galaxy Note, you are capable to change the look of your smartphone.

Part 2: What are the disadvantage of rooting?

Like a coin with two sides, there are always advantages and disadvantages. Here we will also quote some inconvenience caused by rooting.

Data loss:
There is no doubt that rooting may cause data loss as it extends user authorities.

Warranty issues:
You may have been told that your smartphone would not be under warranty once you root it. And you may risk spending your own money if you want to send it back to fix it.

Part 3: Root your Samsung Galaxy Note with Android Root Toolkit

Rooting is not as simple as you think. If you really want to root your smartphone, you’d better resort to some professional tools to improve the success rate. First of all, we recommend you Android Root Toolkit which supports almost all the Samsung Galaxy Note models such as Note 8, Note 5, and Note 4 and so on. Follow the detailed steps below.

Step 1: Download the program by clicking the download button. Install it and launch it to start the rooting process.

Download the program by clicking the download button

Step 2: Connect your device to PC via USB cable. Remember to activate USB debugging in advance. Wait patiently until the end of the scanning process.

usb debugging

Step 3: Once your device is detected, you can just click on the button “Root Now” to get started.

root samsung now

Step 4: When rooting is done, you will be sent a message to make sure that you have done. And now you have gained access to all the functions on your Samsung Galaxy Note.

rooting is done

Part 4: Root your Samsung Galaxy Note with Kingroot

We also provide you with an alternative – Kingroot.

Step 1: Download the program and have it installed on your PC.

Step 2: Launch the program and enable USB debugging on your smartphone. Connect your device via USB cable.

Step 3: Click on the button “Start to Root” and wait for minutes. Please do not disconnect your device during the process.

Step 4: Wait till it ends and the program will inform you that you have done. Now you have finished the whole job. All you have to do now is to reboot your device to install the root.

It may be much easier with the help of the professional tools if you really want to root your smartphone. Once you have finished, you also need to get used to the new version of the system. All it takes is time and be patient. Still, if you have further questions, don’t forget to tell us by writing down below.

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