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How to Root Samsung Galaxy S Safely and Easily

--Friday, 09 February 2018

For iPhone users, “jailbreaking” is a way for them to set their smartphones free. And for Android users, “rooting” is their exclusive way to get more possibilities on their cell phone. On the other hand, Android system, for its open characteristic which enables more and more people to get some extended functions, comparing with other smartphone systems. What is more, rooting is also an essential step for Android users who want to adapt their smartphone to a more advanced mode. For the reasons such as deleting the applications by default which you have not used for years like a redundancy occupying a great amount of your cell phone internal storage. Or, you are so eager to improve the performance of your Android smartphone and sometimes some kind of specific applications may inquire rooting before you use it. Here we will talk about this problem and we will take Samsung Galaxy S as the example. Continue to read this passage and follow our directions below.

To start with, we recommend you a powerful tool – Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery. It is a multifunctional tool that enables Android smartphone users to finish almost all types of complicated tasks such as data recovery, permanent data deletion, data backup, rooting, un-rooting and so on. With its user-friendly characteristics and its simplicity to operate, it has won a huge amount of users. To learn to how to use this tool, you have to follow the guiding steps below one by one.

Solution: Use Android Data Recovery to root Samsung Galaxy S safely and easily

Step 1: Download the program by clicking the link or the download button above.
If you are a Mac users, choose the exclusive version for Mac and hit the other button if you are Windows users. Wait for the end of the download process.

Download the program by clicking the link or the download button above

Step 2: Connect your Samsung Galaxy S to the computer.
Launch the program after the downloading is finished. Activate USB debugging before you connect your Samsung smartphone to the PC. Use the original USB cable to connect your cell phone to computer and let the program detect your device automatically.

rConnect your Samsung Galaxy S to the computer

Step 3: Choose the function you want.
In this case, choose the function “Root” and the program will detect the model of your smartphone. After the connection, click on the button “start”. Then click on the button “Root now” to get started. Wait for a few minutes and when a message pops up to ask you to confirm the rooting process just click on the button to continue. Wait for minutes patiently.

Choose the function you want

Now your Samsung Galaxy S has been rooted in success. It is not as hard as you have previously imagined, isn’t it? What is more, the program enables you also to un-root a smartphone if you are in need. Keep up with our tutorial updating and you will learn more about the program and other useful strategies on how to be a smarter cell phone user. Finally, if you find this passage useful, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

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