iOS 11: New Operations on WWDC 2017

--Friday, 05 May 2017

In June 2017, Apple is showing a new system iOS 11 to everyone on WWDC2017. What new features it brings new changes also become the focus of the iOS user.

New Operations for iOS 11

1. FaceTime: Break the limit of a video call, supports group video calls.

2. Automator: An automation application that is controlled by Siri.

3. Theme black: Add a black theme, in this mode, the background color changes the system is more intuitive.

4. More Powerful Siri: More free to use Siri and release more permissions.

5. Improved 3D touch functionality: Use the OLED screen on iPhone 8.

6. The camera is capable of recognizing a bar code or two-dimensional code.

7. The interface of iCloud is more attractive, multi-platform operation is easier.

8. Control center is richer personalized.

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