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Free antivirus software: 360 Total Security protects for Windows

--Sunday, 04 June 2017

How safe is your Windows? Are you worried about the theft of information when shopping? Are you worried that your important files will be locked by hackers? Do you know how to protect your computer?

Free antivirus software

360 Total Security protects all Windows users worldwide For Free. It has a better Windows 10/8/7 support history. This program has a strong development team, it can protect your computer from the latest virus, Trojan attack.
You will have a secure online buying environment. You do not have to worry that your conversations will be hacked. The files you download on the web will be checked for security. No one can lock your computer without your permission.

Use an antivirus program to prevent virus attacks

The antivirus program ensures that your computer is always safe. Run this program, all the viruses on the computer will be found. Malicious programs are blocked when they are downloaded.

Step 1. Install 360 Total Security
This program can be installed on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. Install it for your version and run it.

Install 360 Total Security

Step 2. Choose "Full Check"
Run this program and you can choose to check your Windows completely. It may take longer, but it's the most powerful. This feature will scan all the files on the computer, no virus will be hidden.

Full Check

Step 3. Entering "Virus Scan" mode
This program supports each award-winning antivirus engine. Such as 360 Cloud Engine, 360 QVMII AI Engine, Avira, and BitDefender. It is strong enough to protect your computer and scan out all the viruses.

Entering Virus Scan mode

There is no free antivirus tool at this time like 360 Total Security. So if you want to look for a free antivirus program, you can download it here.

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