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Fix the ″Firmware upgrade encountered an issue″ error for Samsung Note / Galaxy

--Thursday, 22 June 2017

When you upgrade or downgrade the Android device, there may be a problem. When you try to start the android device, there may be "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue". Here we summarize a few reasons for this problem.

1. There are corrupt applications before upgrading or downgrading.
2. Corrupted system files.
3. Improperly modifying the android device.
4. USB debugging was not enabled before installing the firmware via Odin.
5. The driver is not installed correctly.
6. Accidentally disconnected during upgrade or downgrade.
7. The battery is not enough.

Fix the "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue" error for Samsung Note / Galaxy

As shown in the figure. When you can not boot properly, you will mention the prompt "Please select recovery mode in kies & try again". Now will show how to fix this problem. Be sure to back up your phone before repairing.

Firmware upgrade encountered an issue

Step 1. Download and run Samsung Kies on Windows or Mac.
Step 2. In the main interface of Kies, click Tool and then turn to Firmware Upgrade and Initialization.
Step 3. Find your serial number and phone model. Then enter it correctly.
Step 4. Click the "OK". You can download the firmware file.
Step 5. Enter download mode. First holding down the lower volume button, home button and power button. Then press the top volume button to continue.
Step 6. Connect your Samsung to PC. Then you can update you phone.
Step 7. When you get the "Emergency recovery of firmware completed" prompt, you have successfully fixed the problem.

samsung kies firmware issue

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