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How to fix Samsung Phone that keeps Rebooting

--Thursday, 30 November 2017

In today's society is the age of intelligence, the smartphone becomes the indispensable communication tool for people. Of the many phone brands, Samsung is the choice of most people. However, large brands of mobile phones also encounter various problems that result in data loss, such as mobile phone black screen, automatic restart of the mobile phone, or the mobile phone screen cannot function properly and so on. People will worry about them and don't know how to solve these problems.

If your phone has been rebooting, it's a way to teach you two ways of doing it without downloading anything.

Method 1: Enter Safe Mod

This problem can be solved by Enter Safe Mode. First power off the device > hold the Power button > After you see the Samsung LOGO, press and hold down the volume button. After the completion of the restart, the mobile phone is OK.

Method 2: Boot the Samsung Phone into Recovery Mode

First of all, long press the lock screen. Then, press the volume button, the home button and the lock screen button. Download the recovery mode. Then after download recovery mode, through the volume button in the menu and choose "Clear Data/Factory Reset". Select restart after the completion of a mobile phone.

These two methods may be convenient but they'll erase all the data from the phone. The data loss that causes people to encounter cannot recover. So please make your choice.

Method 3: Fix Samsung via Android Data Recovery

Then there's the welfare time! The Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery can be one-time to help you solve various problems of Samsung. You can download it for free according to your own preferences.The following is a brief introduction to the process of the program.

Step 1.Open the Android Data Recovery and connect your phone to a USB cable to your computer. Go to the main page of the program and you will see that the eight sections are “Recover”, “Transfer”, “Switch”, “Backup&Restore”, “Repair”, “Unlock”, “Erase” and “Root”. Click enter “Recover”, first of all, to restore the data on the phone.

Open the Android Data Recovery and connect your phone to a USB cable to your computer

Step 2. Select the “Recover Android Data”. It can recover deleted contacts, messages, photos, notes, etc. from Samsung. During the process, do not start any other phone management software.

Select the Recover Android Data

Step 3.Select "Recover from broken phone" in the left menu bar. Then select the data file you need to restore. If you want to select all, you can click "Select All" more quickly. Note: 1.It can only extract the existing data on the phone. 2.Currently, this function only supports Samsung devices.

Recover from broken phone

Step 4.Please choose to click on a cell phone directly the extent of the damage, "Touch does not work or can't answer the phone" or "Black/bad screen".After selecting the damaged condition, please correctly understand your Samsung device name and model. If you don't know the phone's model and other relevant information, click on the "how to check the device model" below. Go to the next step.

Enter the Samsung of download mode

Step 5.Now, you just have to work with the image on the program. First, long press the key and wait until the phone's display screen is reflected. Second, at the same time, press the key, the volume reduction key, and the home button, about a few seconds into the download mode. Third, long press the volume increase to confirm into download mode.Click the “Start”.

Step 6.After entering the download mode, the Android Data Recovery will automatically scan your phone and download the recovery package. The menu bar on the left will then display all the files you've backed up on your phone and on the right are the details of the selected file. Then select the data file you want to restore and click "Recover". Data extraction from Samsung

Just a few simple steps can fix Samsung phone that keeps rebooting.Without any complex systems and problems, it is a good helper.

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