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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung

--Monday, 21 August 2017

Do you need to restore photos removed from Samsung? Think about how valuable the photo is. For Samsung users, their smart phones keep a lot of photos. If you accidentally deleted the Samsung photos, this is a terrible thing. Some people will pity their own mistakes that can not see their favorite photos. But there are people who do not want to give up any chance. You can search online for "Samsung photos recovery" to find a lot of answers you want. There is always an answer that can help you.

recover Samsung photos

This tutorial will discuss how to restore Samsung's deleted photos without backup. These jobs require professional tools to help you. You can try Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery. Why do you need this Samsung recovery tool? It can be compatible with most of the android smart phones, such as Samsung, HTC, LG and so on. You can use it to restore deleted photos, contacts, text messages, videos and more.
Here we have some useful tips for you. You should not take a new photo after you accidentally delete the photo. You will rewrite your deleted pictures that you will not be able to retrieve these photos. This recovery tool can not recover those that have been rewritten. In addition, you should know the importance of the backup. If you have a Samsung backup, you will be easy to retrieve these precious photos. So it's best to back up your Samsung.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung

Step 1. Run Samsung photos recovery tool.
Install this program on your computer and run it. You need to connect Samsung to the computer, this program will automatically detect it. This allows the program to scan your smartphone.

Run Samsung photos recovery tool

Step 2. Enable USB debugging.
Your Samsung may not have opened it yet. Samsung can not connect to the computer without enabling it. Then this recovery tool can not scan your phone. So you have to remember to enable USB debugging.

Enable USB debugging

Step 3. Scan Samsung photos.
When you enter this step, it indicates that the program has been able to scan your Samsung. As shown below, you can choose "Gallery". This will allow the program to scan the phone for the deleted photo. Click "Next" to wait for the results of the scan.

Scan Samsung photos

Step 4. Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung.
This is the last step in the tutorial. You can preview the scanned photos on the program. Then find the photo you want. Click "Recover" to restore the photo to the device.

Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung

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