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How to Recover Photos / Videos from HUAWEI

--Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Huawei phone under the Huawei consumer business to become one of the three core business. Huawei mobile phone began in late 2003, after more than 10 years of development, in China, Russia, Germany, Sweden, India, the United States and other places to establish 16 R & D center. January 2014, Huawei released the first LTE smartphone Ascend Mate2 4G in the United States CES. There are a lot of people who like to use Huawei because of its appearance and performance. Mate 7 is equipped with a 13MP lens, can shoot more clear photos and video. We all know that photos and videos will occupy a lot of storage space. Huawei's great, we can easily shoot a lot of photos of the video. But sometimes we may need to delete some of them. When you delete some precious photos or videos, it will bother you.
If you have a Huawei backup, you will be very easy to retrieve your deleted photos and videos. But unfortunately many people do not have a good backup habit. Fortunately, you can use the Huawei recovery tool. For example, you can try Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery. This is an excellent program that can restore photos, videos, text messages, contacts and more from Huawei.
You need to pay attention to stop adding new data in Huawei. After the photos and videos were deleted, the data was not overwritten. So before be rewritten, you can restore them.

How to Recover Photos / Videos from HUAWEI

Step 1. Download Huawei recovery tool.
Connect Huawei to your computer and your phone will be detected by your computer. And then install the program on the computer, the computer will return the information to the program. This allows the phone to connect to this program.

Download Huawei recovery tool

Step 2. Enable USB debugging.
If Huawei can not connect to the computer, Step 2 will help you solve the trouble. You need to enable USB debugging. If you do not know how to open it, you can view the tutorial on the program.

Enable USB debugging

Step 3. Scan Huawei photos and videos.
Here the program will scan your phone. You can choose Huawei for each type of data. When you check photos and videos, the program scans and extracts them. When successful, the data will be displayed on the program. You need to wait patiently.

Scan Huawei photos and videos

Step 4. Recover Photos / Videos from HUAWEI.
This is the step after the success of the recovery. In the program you can preview all the data. You can click on "Photos" and "Video" to view them. Select the data you want and revert to the device.

Recover Photos / Videos from HUAWEI

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