How to Recover Deleted Photos From SONY

--Friday, 11 August 2017

Have you ever had this experience? There are too many photos on Sony. This is very inconvenient to manage the phone pictures. When you want to delete some useless photos, but accidentally deleted some important photos. This reflects the importance of backup. If you are sure that there is no Sony backup, you may not be able to retrieve the deleted photo. But you can try some third-party recovery tools. They can scan and extract deleted Sony photos. These tools do not require you to provide a backup, but instead scan your Sony phone directly. You can try them, or they can help you.

recover SONY photos

Do you think you can recover when deleting a photo without backup? Or will you find a way to recover deleted photos? Yes, you can get back the photos. But you need to install the photo recovery tool on your computer. You can download Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery. It can restore photos, text messages, contacts, videos from Sony, LG, Samsung and more. You can download this program in this tutorial and refer to the steps.
Before using this photo recovery tool, we will remind you that need root your Sony. If your Sony has been rooted, you do not need to root again. Why need root your cell phone? The third party recovery tool can not scan your smartphone if it is not being rooted. Do not worry that this will not damage your Sony.

How to Recover Deleted Photos From SONY

Step 1. Run Sony photos recovery tool.
Find the download link and install this program in this tutorial. Run it, it will remind you to connect Sony to the computer. During recovery, you can not disconnect Sony from your computer. In order to no longer lose the photo, you can use the "Data Backup & Restore" features. It can back up your Sony phone with one-click.

Run Sony photos recovery tool

Step 2. Scan Sony photos.
This step will be going to scan your Sony. You can select "Photos" and let the program scan it in depth. Your phone has lost these photos, but this program can retrieve them.

Scan Sony photos

Step 3. Enable USB debugging.
If you have already enable USB debugging, you can ignore this step. But some phones do not automatically open it, which will cause the phone can not connect to the computer. Do not worry, the program will remind you how to open it.

Enable USB debugging

Step 4. Recover Deleted Photos From SONY.
Now all the Sony photos have been scanned. You can preview them on a program. You need to find out which photos have been restored. Mark them and restore them to the device.

Recover Deleted Photos From SONY

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