How to recover deleted photos from LG

--Monday, 17 July 2017

Maybe a lot of people are not very familiar with LG phones. But I just want to say it is South Korea's second largest group after Samsung, you have to understand. Today's news that the new LG mobile phone will be released. The new phone will have a 2K resolution IPS display. It is very suitable for taking pictures. And LG's mobile phone will fit the latest android 7.0. That is to say that your LG mobile phone will use android 7.0. But some of the LG users will be in trouble when upgrading the system. They found the new system is very easy to use, but LG data is gone. For example they can not find pictures kept on the phone. This is likely to be a system error caused by the loss of photos. Or you accidentally deleted the LG photo at a moment you forgot. You do not have to worry about the possibility of recovering these lost photos. We will teach you how to recover photos from LG.

recover LG photos

There is a solution about Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery. LG mobile phones do not have a very strong processing power. But now the personal computer can handle the heavy work. An Android recovery tool installed on the computer may help you recover LG photos. But if the LG data damage time is too long, android data recovery may not help you. But you can try this program. If it can retrieve the deleted photo, you can share it with your friend.

How to recover deleted photos from LG

Step 1. Launch Android Data Recovery.
You can download this program at the Doctor Telephone software center. For the convenience of the user, we have provided a download link in this tutorial. You can install this LG recovery tool. Then we will remind you to connect LG to the computer. This is the first step to restore LG photos.

Launch Android Data Recovery

Step 2. Enable USB debugging for LG.
According to users feedback, some users need to open USB debugging. But there are many users asked how to enable USB debugging. So we updated the software. The new version will have a tutorial about opening USB debugging. This step is to allow LG to successfully connect to the computer.

Enable USB debugging for LG

Step 3. Extract LG photos.
When you connect to a computer successfully, you will be prompted to restore what kind of data. As shown below, you can check all the LG data. Here the recovery tool will scan LG photos. After scanning all the data, you can see the deleted picture in the program.

Extract LG photos

Step 4. Recover deleted photos from LG.
When entering this step, it means that you have resumed the deleted photo on LG. You need to carefully check these recovered photos. If this is the data you need, you can export them and save them to your computer.

Recover deleted photos from LG

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