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Ways to Recover Lost/Deleted Photos from iPad

--Monday, 02 October 2017

“I wanted to transfer my photos from my iPad Air to my computer and have them printed but while my iPad Air was connected to my PC, something accidentally happened – my computer crashed and I have lost my photos! HELP! I really want to recover these lost photos which mean a lot to me. What should I do to get my photos back?”
There is nothing worse than losing precious photos. They are the memories of unforgettable moments and important occasions in our life. However, it is still possible to recover from your iDevice. If you have lost your important photos, deleted them by error and still want them back, continue to read this article and follow the tutorial below and you can recover your deleted photos.

Part 1: Recover lost photos from iPad without backup

You may say: “Well, I am not so good at computer, why don’t you guys just recommend me the most feasible way or the simplest solution?” As you wish, we highly recommend you use Doctor Telephone iPhone Data Recovery to recover your photos. It is like a point and shoot camera, with just several clicks in about ten minutes, you can have your precious photos recovered.
Note: This program support iPad Air/iPad mini

Step 1: To start with, you should download the program iPhone Data Recovery on your computer. Have your iPhone connected to your computer via a USB cable.
Notice: The program can also recover deleted photos in your iPad with the same process.

Step 2: Launch the program after finishing downloading. Choose “Data Recovery” in the homepage and click on “Recovery from iOS Device” in the following interface in the menu on the left side.

iPhone data recovery

Step 3: The program will detect your iPad automatically. Then select the files types that you want to recover. As you wanted to recover photos, choose “Photos” and click on the button “Start Scan”. Scan iPad Photos

Step 4: When the scan finishes, you can see the photos which can be recovered. You can select the photos you want to recover and then click on the button “Recover” to finish. All the selected photos will be restored on your computer as well in case you lose them again.

Recover Deleted Photos from iPad

Part 2: Recover deleted photos with iCloud or iTunes backup file

We here provide you with another way to recover deleted photos – Recover from iCloud Backup File.
Likewise, use iPhone Data Recovery to complete. The preparation is the same. And this time, choose “Recover from iCloud Backup File”.

Step 1: Log in to your Apple ID and the backup files in your iCloud account will be found.

Log in iCloud to Extra Backup

Step 2: Choose the one you want to recover and then download on your computer.

Scan iCloud Backup File

Step 3: When the download has completed, you can review the list. Check the box “Photos & Videos” and select the photos you want and click on the button “Recover to Computer”.

Retrieve Photos from iCloud Backup

Now you have finished! After reading this article, have you taught yourself some strategies to recover your lost or deleted photos? If you have more questions, write down your comment to let us know as soon as possible.

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