Solution : how to recover deleted photos from Sony

--Wednesday, 08 November 2017

“Hello, my girlfriend has recently complained to me that she has accidentally deleted all the photos on her Sony Xperia Z. It includes numerous photos which record all the most precious moments, birthday, anniversaries, and parties and so on. She asked me if I know some simple ways to recover the photos. The point is, I don’t know how to recover deleted photos either. Is there anybody who could help me out? Urgent and thanks a lot!”
As we all know, Sony is famous for its awesome performance in taking a photo, which has attracted a lot of fans. In addition, taking photos with our cell phones have become part of our daily life. We use our cellphones to capture the precious moments, unforgettable occasions and terrific gatherings. However, trouble comes after the accident. You may delete your photos by an error like what the girl mentioned above has done, or because of other system bugs and malfunction of your cell phone. Then what to do next? Don’t panic, we will show you in detail in this tutorial. Continue to read the part below and learn how to settle down the problem.

Part 1: Use Android Data Recovery to recover photos

Here, we will introduce a very useful program – Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery to you. Professional but user-friendly, it is powerful to finish the complicated data recovery and data transfer but it is also very easy to operate. All you have to do is to select some options, click on several buttons and wait for minutes. It is so powerful that it supports almost every Android device including Sony, Samsung, LG, HTC, and Moto. Now, start the job. Follow the guidance below step by step and you will easily settle all the problems.

Step 1: Download the program and start the installation

Click on the download button and have it installed on your computer. Launch the program. Select the function “Data Recovery” on the welcome page. Turn on the USB debugging on your Sony. Connect your Sony smartphone to your computer via USB cable. Wait for a while and the program will automatically scan your device.
retrive photo from sony

Step 2: Choose data type

Confirm if your device is the same as the shown one. Choose the data types. In this case, check the box of “Gallery” and click on the button “Next”.
recover lost photo from sony

Step 3: Scan in order to find out all the lost data

You can choose two scan mode from the interface. Try “Standard Mode” if you want the program to work faster. If you don’t find your lost data in “Standard Mode”, try “Advanced Mode”. Hit the button “Start” and wait for a while.
select recovery mode

Step 4: Preview the photos and recover

Now you can see the photos and view them with a single click. Simply click on the button “Recover” and then you can have them back. All the photos will be saved on your computer.
restore photo from sony

Part 2: Use Android Data Recovery to back up your photos

To prevent accident mentioned before, you need to back up the data on your smartphone from time to time. With the same program, Android Data Recovery, you can do it quickly.

Step 1: Connect your smartphone to computer

Launch the program and connect your phone to PC. Select “Data Backup & Restore” function on the welcome page. In order to be detected, your device has to enable USB debugging, like the step mentioned above.
backup photos sony

Step 2: Select the file types and start to back up

In the interface shown below, select the file types you want to back up. Check the boxes. Wait for minutes and let the program run automatically.
backup image sony

Step 3: Restore backup to your smartphone

When the backup is finished, you can view the file stored in your computer. If you want to restore the previous backup to your Android phone, just connect your phone to computer, launch the program and check the backup history.
restore photo sony

Now, everything is done. To keep your precious data safe and sound, you have to back up from time to time. Just in case. If you have more questions about this tutorial and other trouble in using smartphones, contact us by writing down your comment. We will figure it out as much as we can.

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