How to Recover Photo from Broken Samsung

--Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Now we live in a technologically advanced age. Mobile phones become an essential communication tool in our daily lives. But when we don't pay attention or we're not careful, we break the phone. The phone's screen will turn black or not. If you go to a factory and fix it, all the data on your phone will be lost, but you need the data on your phone. What can we do about this situation?

Encounter the above situation, in order to recover the photos in the Samsung, for example. Recommend extremely good software Android Data Recovery. This tool is very suitable for Samsung and all Android devices. It can restore contact, text messages, photos and other documents on your phone. Very convenient and quick. And you don't have to worry about the loss of data.

How to Recover Photo from Broken Samsung

Step 1.Download and start the Samsung Data Recovery
Download and start the Samsung Data Recovery. The Samsung Data Recovery supports seven language translations and selects what you need. Then connect your Samsung to your computer. But your Samsung should start with USB debugging to verify that your device is successfully connected. (If your shield is completely broken you can skip this step. But what must be done is to successfully connect the computer). Enter the Samsung Data Recovery interface to select “Android Data Extraction (Damaged Device)” .

Download and start the Samsung Data Recovery

Step 2.Select the types of files
Select the photos you need to scan and restore. If you want all the photos you can just click on “Photo” and this will save you a lot of time.
Note: 1. This can only extract the existing data on the Samsung. 2. The battery should be kept more than 20% or charged.

Select the types of files

Step 3.Select the Samsung model
Choose the level of damage to your phone, and there are two options for black screen and the inability to use the screen properly. And look for your Samsung device name and model. If you don't know their Samsung models, there are two lines of the clues, you can click on according to their own condition in a search.

Select the Samsung model

Step 4.Enter the Samsung of download mode
How to enter the download mode? The page will show a picture of how to manipulate your Samsung into download mode. First, press the lock screen button to wait for the phone to reappear something. Then hold the home button, volume down and lock screen at the same time waiting for a few seconds. Finally, press the volume to increase the key and successfully enter the download mode.

Enter the Samsung of download mode

Step5.Data extraction from Samsung
Once the phone enters the recovery mode, The software will download a restored installation package and install the phone, and then the software can extract the data from the phone. (this recovery package will only be available on this feature, and other functions are not available.) A restored list will pop up after the scan is successful. You can select photos directly and click "Recover". So the picture on the Samsung is restored. But it's important to note that the recovery data is the original data on your phone, not the deleted data. Android Data Extraction only supports restoring original and backup mobile phone data.

Data extraction from Samsung

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