How to Backup and Restore iPad Photos

--Monday, 20 November 2017

In our daily life, we always delete photos of the iPad, video, address book, etc. We can get it back if the content has been backed up by iTunes. But a large percentage of people think that iTunes is not easy to use and that third-party software like PP is used to manage the new iPad/iPad 4/iPad air/iPad Pro/iPad mini4/iPad mini3/iPad air2, and there is no habit of backing up, which can't be retrieved directly. However, the data recovery tool Doctor Telephone iOS Data Recovery solves these problems.

Part 1. Backup Photos From Your iPad

Step 1. Download and connect iOS device to computer
You can download the software by clicking the download button. It supports iOS device to recover the data. The iPhone Data Recovery supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, and offers three modes of recovery data, from iOS devices, iTunes backup, and iCloud backup. Connect your iPhone to your computer after downloading.

Tip : The iPhone Data Recovery is dependent on iTunes, please be sure to install.

Download and connect iOS device to computer

Step 2. Select “Backup & Restore”[“Backup & Restore”] mode to start analysis
After successfully connecting the computer, select the mode “Backup & Restore” [Mode “Backup & Restore” ]. Generally speaking, the iOS Data Recovery will automatically help you select the default mode. This saves a lot of time and then starts automatically scanning the analysis file. Then select the image you want to back up and go to the backup. If you choose to back up a number of photos, you need to be patient.

start analysis

Step 3. View the backup photos
When the backup is complete, you can check all the contents of the backup photos in the menu bar category. You can select one or more of them to export to your computer.

View the backup photos

Part 2. Restore iPad Backup to Your Computer Step 1. Select the iPad backups

Select option “Backup and restore” [Option “Backup and restore”]when connecting to a computer. If you have previously used this feature to successfully backup your iOS device, you can directly click into “View the previous backup file”. You can also go back to the previous backup page and find to view the previous backup file to see the photos you backed up. Once you've entered the preview page, check your backup photos and check them selectively according to your own needs.

Select the iPad backups

Step 2. Restore the backup photos
After entering the View, the program will automatically analyze the backup photos and display all the data in the backup file. (Same steps as the backup data)

After you find the required photos, you can select several files or select all the files for the next step. The current program's data backup and recovery project support restore photos to your device. So there are two different paths for you to choose. You can freely choose to restore these photos to your iOS device or export them all to your computer.

Restore the backup photos

Tip: As long as iOS devices do not upgrade firmware or other data coverage, the deleted data is generally kept on iOS devices and can be used to recover.

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