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How to backup and restore Photo from Samsung

--Friday, 10 November 2017

More and more people are taking photos to interest their life, to record their life, to memorize their life through their phones. But somehow, you just delete the photos by mistake. You do not know what to do and definitely feel sad. Now, I gonna show you a way on how to backup and restore photo from Samsung. You must think "OH, it is just an advertisement again". Trust me, if you just go away and give up reading this article. You will regret it. Why not just have a look and try! Maybe you will get some unexpected good things. Here comes to the wonderful app Android Data Backup & Restore Toolkit.

Samsung Data Backup & Restore Toolkit is a professional app to backup, restore, transfer, or even switch your data on Android device, of course including Samsung. What's better, it is suitable for all the Samsung models, even the latest one Galaxy Note 8. The next thing to talk about is the use procedure.

How to backup and restore Photo from Samsung

Step 1. Download Samsung Data Backup & Restore Toolkit
Download and install Android Data Backup & Restore Toolkit on your computer. Launch it and click "Data Backup & Restore" button.

Download Samsung Data Backup & Restore Toolkit

Step 2. Backup Samsung Photos
Connect Samsung to computer via the USB cable. Then click "Backup" button. Now you will see the window of data type selection. There will be all kinds of data in the window. So you can choose the data you wanna backup. As for the photos, please click "Photo" and then click "Backup" at the bottom.
During the backup process, all you have to do is to wait until it is done. In this process, you must not use your phone and disconnect your phone from your computer. Besides, if you wanna check the photos that you backup , click "View the backup" button, and you will be able to check the data you have already backed up.

Backup Samsung Photos

Step 3. Restore Samsung Photos
After you backup the data, everything turns much easier. Using Android Data Backup & Restore Toolkit, you can not only preview your backup data, but also restore them to Samsung.
Launch Android Data Backup & Restore Toolkit and choose "Data Backup & Restore" on the menu. Then click "View backup history".
Now, choose the backup history if you wanna see. Then you can click one to see.
And if you wanna restore them, please remember to connect Samsung to your computer. Pick up the photos you wanna restore and next click "Restore" button.

Restore Samsung Photos

Tips: One thing you need to know is that Samsung Data Backup & Restore Toolkit will restore the latest data by default. So if you wanna restore some other data, check from the backup history list and select the specific one that is exactly what you need.

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