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How to backup and restore Notes from iPhone.

--Thursday, 09 November 2017

iPhone is being used in our daily life more and more frequently, taking photos, connecting to someone, taking notes,etc. We put so many important messages into iPhone. But what if the messages are missing? What if the notes that you strive to get are missing? You turn to the man who repairs cell phone. But probably he just return the phone to you and do nothing. If you do not want to be stuck in this situation, the only way you can do is to backup then restore the notes. Here, i am going to introduce an amazing software to you, iPhone Data Recovery, which helps you to backup and restore notes from iPhone.

Doctor Telephone iPhone Data Recovery is an app for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch users to backup, restore or even print their data directly to computer. Now, i gonna tell you how to operate it.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to Computer
Download and install iPhone Data Recovery and launch it, choose “Data Backup & Restore” from the tool list. Connect iPhone to the computer with USB cable. And Dr. fone toolkit will detect iPhone automatically by default.

Connect iPhone to Computer

Step 2. Backup the notes from iPhone
After detecting iPhone, iPhone Data Recovery will show all the data in your iPhone automatically. You can check the data and select what you wanna backup. Choose the files and click “Backup” . You have to wait for a few minutes during the backup progress. Of course, please keep your iPhone connected to your computer until it is done. And Dr. fone toolkit will show you all the supported data on the window.
When the backup progress is finished, you can check the data. Besides, you can pick up some data to print them or export them to your computer.

Backup the notes from iPhone

Step 3. Restore notes from Your Backup
After the backup progress, if you wanna restore your data, like the backup progress, you should connect your iPhone to the computer, then click “To view the previous backup file”, and you will be able to check all the files you have already backup. Now, you need to check the files and select the files you wanna restore, like photos. Then click “View” on the bottom. After a few seconds to analyse the file, you will be able to check the data in the file you click. Now, pick up the data you wanna restore then click “Restore to Device”. Just a few minutes, you will check the data on your iPhone.

Restore notes from Your Backup

Tips : Besides, iPhone Data Recovery supports to export data to your computer, copy the steps above and click “Export to PC” in the end, then choose the save path in the computer and you will export the data to your computer successfully.

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