Mobile Transfer Operation

From one to one

From Windows Phone to iPhone / iPad / iPod / Android.
From BlackBerry / Symbian to iPhone / iPad / iPod / Android.
From iPhone / iPad / iPod / Android to iPhone / iPad / iPod / Android.

An effective file explorer

Delete your data on old phone
Manage and transfer contacts, messages, images, music apps etc.
Regularly back up your smartphone.

Extract from iCloud backup

Download and extract iCloud backup to different phones like Symbian, windows Phone, IOS, Android, Blackberry.

Easy To Manage Intelligent Devices


It breaks the boundaries between different systems.It is possible to transfer data between different os's: Android, iOS, WinPhone, BlackBerry and Symbian.


We advocate regular backup of your smartphone to more easily restore your files to your android phone/tablet, iOS, WinPhone, Blackberry, Symbian.


The "Delete your old phone" mode of Mobile Transfer can erase all of the deleted or existing phone data completely and permanently.

Supported Devices And Files

ContactsMessagesVideoPhotosAudioCall historyAppsCalendar
Android to Android
iOS to Android
iCloud to Android
iCloud to iOS
Nokia to Android
Android, iOS to iOS
Android, iOS to Nokia
Nokia to iOS
Nokia to Nokia
WinPhone 10/8 to Android
WinPhone 10/8 to iOS
WinPhone 10/8 to WinPhone
WinPhone 10/8 to Symbian
BlackBerry Backup to Android
BlackBerry Backup 10/7 to iOS
OneDrive to Android
OneDrive to iOS

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