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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Android

--Thursday, 16 March 2017

For anyone, it is not a good news that deleting text messages by accident. In order to make sure that the original text messages can be 100% to recover, you should immediately stop adding new data in the android phone. Android does not have icloud backup. You need to back up your phone by yourself. Many android users do not go to backup data. When you lose SMS, you can only restore the message by a recovery tool.

Maybe you wanna know why you can restore deleted messages on android. How can we find something that does not exist? When the android messages are deleted, they are not immediately rewritten. They just wait to be rewritten, but you can not find where they are. There is still a chance to restore these deleted messages. So an android recovery tool has the opportunity to help you recover your lost SMS. But these recovery tools do not necessarily help you. You can try them out. Hope that these programs can help you find lost text messages.

Tutorial: Recover Text Messages from Android with Android Data Recovery

Android data recovery is a safe, easy to use recovery software. You can use the trial version of Android Data Recovery, to ensure that you have seen your lost text messages before choosing to use the full version.

Step 1. Install the trial version and connect your Android device.
First, install the android sms recovery tool to your Windows or Mac computer and connect your android device to the computer.

connected android pc

Step 2. Check “Messaging”.
After the connection is successful, SMS recovery tool will prompt what type of data you want to scan. We can just click "Messaging". These deleted messages will be detected and extracted.

select android data

Step 3. Enable USB debugging and Start to Scan.
This step is to allow android data recovery to scan your android smartphone. Due to some user feedback, they can not connect to the Android device to the computer. At this time you can turn on USB Debugging. In the program you can see its tutorial.

usb debugging

enable usb debugging

Step 4. Recover deleted Text Messages from Android.
When the scan is finished, you can directly see the deleted text messages in the software interface, just a simple click you can restore the lost text messages to your computer.

recover messages android

Tips: Backup your Messages, and never lost it

Backup Android messages with SMS Backup & Restore

1.You can install this free app by clicking on "SMS Backup & Restore".
2. Open the app and tap Backup.

sms backup restore app

3. To restore a backup for text message, click the restore button on the main home screen.

Backup Android messages with Transfer iPhone & Android

Transfer iPhone & Android is an excellent backup software, you can one-click backup all data including messages.

1. Install Transfer iPhone & Android and connect your Android device
2. Run this software, go to "Toolbox", click on "Backup Device", this simple operation can back up your SMS, you do not have to worry about lost text messages again.

backup android

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