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How to Back Up Messages from Android to PC

--Wednesday, 06 December 2017

You do want to use a new smartphone which you have been eager for long and finally, you bought it. However, you also would like to prevent your cell phone data from losing as it contains a plenty of important information, like your e-bank account, your social media account and history, the photos that you cherish a lot, the calendar which marked down your future agenda and important dates, and the save of your favorite games and so on. If you are about to change your smartphone or you want to learn about how to back up data from Android to the computer, you should not skip this passage. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how easy it is to finish this seemingly difficult job, by taking text messages backup as the example.

Above all, we will introduce some useful tools, as the saying goes, to do one’s work well, he must sharpen his tools first.

Solution 1: Use Transfer Android to back up text messages from Android to PC

First of all, we recommend you a powerful program named Doctor Telephone Transfer Android which has expertise in data backup and data transmission. It is so multifunctional that it can help you easily deal with all kinds of data transmission and backup such as data backup from Android to Android, from Android to PC and from PC to Android. In addition, it supports all the smartphone brands and even the newest Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone X. Follow the following detailed steps.

Step 1: Download Transfer Android and launch it.

Step 2: Connect your Android device to PC via original USB cable after you have enabled USB debugging.

Connect your Android device to PC

Step 3: Choose the function “Information”. Select your smartphone as the source device. Click on the button “Next” to go on.

Select messages that you want to transfer

Step 4: Select the data type “messages” and click on the button “Transfer”. Wait for a while and when it comes to the end, all the messages will be backed up on your PC.

Export the chosen sms

Solution 2: Use Android Data Recovery to back up text messages from Android to PC

Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery is also a very useful program that can help you out. With just several clicks, all the text messages will be backed up to your computer. In addition, it is so compatible that it supports all the brands of Android smartphone including Samsung, Sony, LG, Moto, and HTC and so on. Continue to read the steps below.

Step 1: Download Android Data Recovery
Click on the download button and have it installed on your PC. Launch the program and choose the option “Back & Restore”.

Backup Android to PC

Step 2: Connect your Android device to PC
Use the original USB cable to connect your smartphone to the computer. Don’t forget that you should activate USB debugging on Android settings before the connection. Let the program detect your device and then click on the button “Backup”.

Connect your Android phone to PC

Step 3: Select the data type you want to back up
Check the box of the data type you want and, in this case, click “Messages” and the program will scan all the messages stored on your smartphone. It may last for a while, depending on the file size of the data.

Select the data type you want to back up

Step 4: Back up messages to your computer
Select the data type “Messages” in the menu bar on the left. Then you are allowed to preview all the messages. Select the ones you want to back up and click on the button “Recover” and then you have finished.

Back up messages to your computer

Not so complicated as you imagined isn’t it? If you still have problems concerning Android data backup or transmission, you can let us know by writing down your comments below. Besides, you can also share this useful tutorial via Facebook or Twitter by the share button below if you find it helpful.

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