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How to backup and restore Text Messages from android

--Thursday, 29 June 2017

SMS is a very important file that is saved on the phone. For android phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S8 / 7/6/5, Note 7/5/4 /, Huawei P10 / 9/11, Wiko, etc. When we want to root or downgrade the phone, it is likely to empty our android phone. At this time we'd better back up the SMS, this is a good way to protect the important files of mobile phones.

backup and restore sms android

If your phone has a SD card, you will be able to back up your files at a very convenient time. You only need to view the SMS on the android phone and transfer them to the SD card. Your SMS will be saved perfectly on the SD card. If your Android phone does not support SD card, you can use this backup and restore program. Here we give the download link and use of this program.

How to backup and restore Text Messages from android

Step 1. Click "Data Backup & Restore".
After running this program, you will be asked to connect android to the computer. After the connection is successful, your message may be saved to the computer. Then click "Data Backup & Restore".

Data Backup & Restore

Step 2. Back up SMS to computer.
You can learn from the picture below. You can choose to backup SMS, Whatsapp, contacts, photos, etc. When you click Backup, the program will check the file you selected. Then these files will be permanently saved on the computer.

Save messages to computer

Step 3. Restore SMS to android.
You do not have to do this step. It depends on whether you have this. You can view the previous backup files on this program. Check these files, and then restore them to the android phone or tablet.

Restore text messages to android

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