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How to Backup and Restore Samsung Text Messages

--Friday, 17 November 2017

At present, text messages are still the most popular and popular means of communication in daily communication. However, frequent SMS records have been mistakenly deleted. What should we do then? The following will be for Samsung and all Android phone models and recommend a very efficient and simple text delete record recovery method which can be done independently for the general mobile phone users. Only a few steps can be taken to recover, and there is no need to send a mobile phone or a data file to ensure the user's privacy.

The recommended tool is Samsung Data Backup & Restore which is very reliable. But before you use it, you need to do some preparation.

Part 1.Backup your Samsung text messages

Step 1. Download the Backup Tool.

You can find the download path directly on our page. Then the Samsung is connected to the computer. Launch the toolkit and select the “Data Backup & Restore” feature.

Download the Backup Tool

Step2.Select the text message you want to restore and click “Backup”.
You can easily use the above two steps to back up the text messages data. It's simple and quick.

Select the text message you want to restore

Part 2.Restore Text Messages to Samsung

The highlight of this feature is the ability to help you recover your previously lost backup text message. That way, you don't have to worry about missing data.

Step 1.Return to view backups.
Select the option to restore. Or before you select, you can check the latest data that you backed up and point out the view backup history. It will then display your device model and name, file name, the memory size of the file and your backup time. Please click “View”. If you find that your backup data is wrong, you can choose to delete it. Just click the image button of the trash can.

Return to view backups

Step 2. Restore Text Messages to Samsung.
Select text messages in the menu bar on the left side of the window. Next to it will display all the backup text messages. If you just want to restore the missing text message, you can choose to display only the deleted option. This allows you to see the data you need at a glance. Select correct and click restore. The recovery process for text message data is completed. You can see the missing text message you recovered from Samsung.

Restore Samsung sms

In fact, the Android Data Recovery works for Samsung and any android device. It can restore contacts, photos, WeChat, phone records, music, and other data in addition to the ability to recover lost text messages. The operation process is also very simple and efficient. It's a piece of software worth choosing.

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