How to Exit Recovery Mode on iPhone

--Monday, 24 April 2017

For iOS users, it is impossible to always jailbreak the iPhone successfully. This could cause your iPhone / iPod / iPad to get stuck in Recovery Mode. Even when you update or downgrade your IOS device, you may also need to get your iOS device out of recovery mode.
You can connect iPhone to iTunes to restore your iPhone. But this will reset your iPhone and lose all the data on the iPhone. In order not to delete your data, you can get the iPhone out of recovery mode by using RecBoot.

Part 1: Why using RecBoot Recovery mode

It is free for everyone. Your computer needs to be able to access the Internet. Download RecBoot on a secure website. Then install and run it on Windows or Mac. Finally you can restore your iPhone. You need to be careful not to download files with malware.
It can only run on the 32 version of the operating system. And this does not support newer iOS.

Part 2: Exit recovery mode by RecBoot

You need to download RecBoot before using this way.
Download RecBoot for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Download RecBoot for Mac

Step 1. Run RecBoot
You can use the two functions of this program. Enter or Exit recovery mode.

Run RecBoot

Step 2. Connect iPhone to iTunes
You can use the two functions of this program. Enter or Exit recovery mode.

Connect iPhone to iTunes

Step 3. Exit recovery mode
If you have entered this step, you can click on "Exit Recovery". Wait for the program to restore your iPhone. Please do not disconnect the computer before finish.

Exit recovery mode

Part 3: Get iPhone out of recovery mode by iPhone Data Recovery

IPhone Data Recovery is a safe software and will not remove your iPhone data. It is compatible with all iOS and can be installed on 32 or 64 bit versions of the operating system.

Step 1. Run iPhone Data Recovery
Download this software and connect iPhone to your computer. Then click "System Recovery".

Run iPhone Data Recovery

Step 2. Click "Start".
In this step, you will see what problems can be resolved by "System Recovery".

Star to exit recovery mode

Step 3. Download the firmware package.
Before clicking to download, you need to select a firmware package that is compatible with your iPhone. View the screen prompt and check the information that matches your iPhone.

download the firmware package

Step 4. Get iPhone out of recovery mode.
When the download is complete, the software will restore your system automatically. Do not worry, all your data will not be deleted in this process.

Get iPhone out of recovery mode

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