How to Recover Deleted Files from SONY

--Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Sony smartphones have an excellent look and camera. You are also likely to be a sony fan. Now the smartphone has more than 128G of large memory. If you use the camera to record your travel, then your photos may account for 40G. This is very inconvenient to manage a large number of mobile phone files. If you accidentally deleted a precious photo, then what should you do? It is possible that you will think that you are unlucky and can not see this photo anymore. Do not be discouraged, you can restore deleted Sony files.
You can download Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery. When you accidentally deleted the files on Sony, these files were not immediately rewritten. You can restore these files before rewriting. For Sony users, you can not find them on the phone. But this program can help you detect and restore deleted files on Sony. These deleted messages, contacts, photos, music, video, call history have the opportunity to be restored.

Recover Deleted Files from Sony

Although you can recover deleted files from Sony, it would be better to back up your smartphone. If you regularly back up your Sony, this will prevent the loss of files. You can use "Google Photos backup". But it can only back up photos and videos from android phones. You can download the "Google Photos" App. Run it and log in to Google Account, you can back up your Sony.
If you want to back up various files on Sony, such as text messages, contacts and more. You can run this android data recovery. Then Click "Backup & Restore", it can back up your Sony one-click.

How to Recover Deleted Files from SONY

Step 1. Enable USB Debugging.
Run this Sony file recovery tool and connect Sony to your computer. If you do not get into the steps, then your Sony has opened USB Debugging. If you can not connect sony to computer, you need to enable it.

Enable USB Debugging

Step 2. Run Sony Recovery Tool.
Download the latest version of this program on this tutorial. It works well on your Windows or Mac.

Run Sony Recovery Tool

Step 3. Scan Sony lost files.
After successfully connecting to your computer, your Sony will enter scan mode. All deleted files will be detected and extracted. Check all the files and click "Next".

Scan Sony lost files

Step 4. Recover Deleted Files from SONY.
All deleted files have been scanned and displayed on the program. You can preview them all to find out the deleted files. Then mark the files and restore them to the device.

Recover Deleted Files from SONY

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