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How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from OPPO

--Wednesday, 17 January 2018

OPPO is a new smartphone brand. Owing to the wide-spread commercial with hit celebrities, it has gained a huge reputation. However, it is inevitable that data will be deleted or lost by accident. Ben, a taxi driver in NYC, complained that he has reserved many phone calls and important messages on his phone, but sometimes he would delete his data by accident. OPPO is good, but it can’t recover deleted or lost data by itself. So, Ben is stressful and anxious about looking for data recovery software for a long time. He is determined to get his data back.

When it comes to data recovery, Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery is professional in this field. It is compatible with many Android devices, like Nokia, Samsung, and HTC. It has been popular with more than 6000 Android users. With the help of it, it can help you recover deleted and lost data from your phone for a few minutes. It is effective and efficient. By using it, you are able to save lots of time and effort to get your data back. Now, let’s learn how to operate it.

Recover Deleted/Lost Data from OPPO

Step 1: Get your OPPO connected to your computer
Download and install Android Data Recovery on your computer. And then connect your OPPO to your computer with a nice USB cable. Be aware of making sure your USB is debugging and your OPPO can be detected by the program. Click “Recover” to run the program.
Note: if your phone belongs to the Android OS 4.2.2, you will be faced with a popping-up message and you should click “OK” to continue.

Get your OPPO connected to your computer

Step 2: Select file type to scan
In this step, you are going to select the file type to scan. The program will help you choose all the files automatically. If you want all the files to scan, just click the button “Next”; if not, you are supposed to choose the file type as you like to scan and then click “Next”.

Select file type to scan

Step 3: Scan and find out the data
Now, two scan modes are provided for you to choose. One is “Scan for all files” and the other is “Scan for deleted files”. In this section, you have to choose a scan mode. The former spends less time and it is recommended for most first-time users. Of course, if you want all the files to be scanned, you can choose the latter. Then, click the button “Next”.

Scan and find out the data

Step 4: Preview and save your deleted or lost data from your OPPO
After scanning successfully, you can preview all the data that are found by the program in the list by categories. Find the data you want and tick them in the boxes with checkmarks. Hit the button “Recover” and after a few minutes, your deleted or lost data will come back to your computer. Android Data Recovery is convenient and easily operated. Don’t hesitate. It is time to download it.

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