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How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from Meizu

--Friday, 01 December 2017

Jane sent a smartphone Meizu to her friend as a birthday gift. Her friend, Jessica was not only interested in its appearance at the first sight, but also she was attracted by its function. It can display the weather report and the information of phone calls. Jessica often used her phone to take photos and send messages. So, there are lots of important messages and photos on her phone. However, data was often missing by mistake, which annoyed her a lot. She complained, “Where is my photo taken yesterday? It makes no sense that I would lose my photo by doing nothing.” She was struggling to look for software to help me cope with this problem until Android Data Recovery, a kind of recovery software came out.

Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery is a good helper specializing in recovery deleted and lost data from the smartphone. It is easily operated and convenient with several steps. Android devices like Nokia, HTC, and Samsung are compatible with it. Here comes to the steps of using this software. After the following steps, your deleted or lost data from Meizu will get back with a few minutes.

How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from Meizu

Step 1: Link your Meizu to your computer
At the beginning, you need to download and install Android Data Recovery. Then, connect your Meizu to the computer with a USB cable. Make sure that your Meizu can be detected by the program. If there is a message warning you whether debugging the USB is allowed, just click “OK”. After that, you enter the homepage and see all the options there. Click “Recover” to start the process.

Link your Meizu to your computer

Step 2: Choose the File from your Meizu
There are types of files by categories listed below. All the file types are ticked on set. If you want to choose all the files, just click “Next”; if not, choose the file types you want.

Choose the File from your Meizu

Step 3: Scan mode choosing
Now, you need to scan the data on your Meizu. “Scan for deleted files” and “Scan for all files” are provided as two scanning modes by the program. They both have distinctive advantages. We recommend “Scan for deleted files” for the green-hand, which spends less time. If you want to scan all the files, “Scan for all files” is workable.
Note: There might be Superuser authorization showing up. If so, click “Allow” to move on. If not, just ignore this.

Scan mode choosing

Step 4: Check and recover the deleted or lost data from Meizu.
By scanning, it will display the data that is ready to recover automatically. In order to confirm the deleted or lost data, you can have a brief look at the data shown on a list by the program. Tick the boxes in front of the data that you want. Click the button “Recover”. You can get your data back after a few minutes.

Android Data Recovery is flexible as well as useful. If you encounter the similar dilemma that you are looking for the solution to help you out in recovering deleted or lost data, dr.fone is your best choice.

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