How to Recover Deleted Files from LG

--Wednesday, 19 July 2017

"I bought LG G6 last week. Then I switched from Samsung S5 to LG G6. I downloaded a transfer tool online. But it covers all the files of LG G6 when the transfer is complete. Some old data on the LG phone was gone that not what I want. Now I just want to restore all the files of LG."
When the data is lost, we know how important it is to back up. Some people may be going to switche a new smartphone for one year. Whenever switch a new phone, we should back up the phone data. When we accidentally delete the file, we can recover the data from the backup. This is the easiest and fastest way to recover. For this LG user, she may not back up this new LG phone. But we still have the possibility to recover deleted files on LG. This requires us to install an LG Recovery Tool on your computer.

Recover Deleted Files from LG

Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery can scan all of LG's files directly. It will quickly detect the LG smartphone. Extracts the deleted data and displays it on the device. When we delete the file, we should use these android recovery tools as quickly as possible. The longer the time, the less likely we are to recover the data. We have a download link for this program in this tutorial, and you can try it out.

How to Recover Deleted Files from LG

Step 1. Enable USB Debugging.
Why do you need Enable USB Debugging? Does this affect the use of LG? The answer is that this will not harm LG smartphone. If you connect LG to a computer, you will find it asking to turn it on. When it is off, LG can not connect to the computer. But some smart phones Enable USB Debugging by default, you can ignore this step.

Enable USB Debugging

Step 2. Run LG Recovery Tool.
First you have to download and install this program. Run it, this program will automatically detect your LG phone. You may see if this is your phone model. Then we can click "Data Recovery".

Run LG Recovery Tool

Step 3. Scan LG Files.
If your files are still kept on LG that you can not find, this program can quickly scan these deleted files. You can also selectively restore some data. Such as scanning SMS, call history on LG. In this step we will prompt you to check the data you want.

Scan LG Files

Step 4. Recover Deleted LG Files.
When the file is successfully scanned, the program automatically displays the data. You need to be patient for the scanning process. You will see some data included that has not been deleted on this program. You can find out which files have been lost. And then restore them to the device.

Recover Deleted LG Files

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