How to Recover Data from HUAWEI

--Monday, 13 November 2017

Now mobile phones become the main communication tool for People's Daily communication, but the data is often deleted. Once the data is deleted, what should we do? Below against Huawei mobile phones and all android models, introduces a precautionary delete records recovery method, this method is very simple for the average cell phone users can independently, just need a few steps can be restored, and don't need to send data to the outside, can protect user privacy don't leak.

How to Recover Data from HUAWEI

Step1.Connect your Huawei phone to your computer
Download Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery on the computer. Then, unlock the phone screen and turn on the USB debugging and connect your phone to your computer. Note that in the process of linking software, it is not recommended to open any software on the phone, because it can lead to incorrect data recovery.

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Step2.Select files that have been deleted to analysis and scan
On the homepage of the software, you can view the contents of your Huawei, then select the file to be restored, and then press the "next" button in the lower right corner to enter the scan.
Go to the next page and prompt you to select the scanning mode that fits your Huawei. The default mode of software is "standard mode". If you find that "standard mode" doesn't work for you, you can choose "advanced mode." After selecting the mode, proceed to the next stage of analysis, and then the phone will show whether to analyze it. Just click the "allow" button and the software will automatically scan your device. In order to avoid the process of scanning an analysis file, you can back up the data firstly and scan it again. Cell phone battery usage is recommended to stay above 20 percent, as less than 20% of the phone's battery will be affected during the recovery process.

Select files that have been deleted to analysis and scan

Step3.Preview and restore lost data on huawei
After scanning and analysis, the page shows that you can preview existing and deleted data. Check carefully and select the files you need to restore. Then click restore to restore them to your phone. If you want to avoid labels and existing repeats, you can open the "show delete file" button to distinguish them.

Preview and restore lost data on huawei

The above software and steps are applicable to huawei's mobile phones and any android phone. I hope it will help you

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