How to Backup and Restore Samsung Data

--Thursday, 16 November 2017

In many cases or when there is a lack of memory in the phone. Samsung users are at risk of losing vulnerable data. People usually end up with a one-button recovery on the phone's device and a key to restore all programs. This is something similar to a computer key recovery without reinstalling the system and it is the easiest way to fix the phone software problem. But the cost is also painful because all the data on the phone is lost including text messages, including photos, programs and so on. It's really frustrating.

Recommended for everybody below the Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery to help everyone's troubles. Please read carefully. To restore the lost data to a mobile phone, you can easily read the data on your Samsung with only two parts which is to back up and restore. The convenience of this tool is also very easy to understand.

Part 1.Back up your Samsung data

Step 1. Download the software and launch it.
Select "Data Backup & Restore" on the interface and connect your Samsung to your computer. During the connection, please do not use your Samsung to launch any mobile phone software. Because it will affect the computer identification and hinder the computer for your Samsung security scan.

Download the software and launch it

Step 2. Click Backup Button
After the automatic connection is successful, the program page will display your Samsung model or name connection success. Then click the "backup" button, which lets you choose to back up your data.

Click Backup Button

Step 3. Select the file to backup
In the backup page, select the file you want to back up or select “Select all” then click “Backup”.

select the file to backup

Step 4. Complete the backup
During the backup process, the page will show how many files you have selected and will count down how much you backed up. If you want to back up to one half you don't want to go ahead. And you can choose to cancel. Of course, half of the data you've backed up is still going to be saved. And you can see the files you backed up in the preview.


Part 2.Restore your Samsung data

Step 1. Back to the Data Backup and Restore home page. Enter restore page.

Click Restore Button

Step 2. You can view the data that was previously backed up. Beside each file respectively according to the comparison between the two data. One is your latest backup data, and the other one is your Samsung on the existing data.

view the data

Step 3. You can see all the folders on the left side of the page. Select the data you want to restore and then click restore. If you want to select all files, just click on the top tick box on the left side at the top of the menu bar. As you choose more files, the recovery time will be slower. You'll need your patience because you'll end up with good results.

restore the data

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