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How to Transfer Contacts Photos from Android to Nokia 6/7

--Friday, 19 January 2018

We, people, who live in a modern society, can’t live without smartphones. It is known that smartphone with its mighty functions occupies our daily life. We use it to take photos, save contacts and download files that we need. However, technology is developing and some people want to keep pace with the advanced technology. And how to transfer data, contacts, and photos from the old to the new make people worried.

Recently, Nokia 6/7 will be issued soon in the Chinese market. Its appearance successfully attracts people’s attention. With its 5.2 inches 1080P screen and 5 MP front cameras, Nokia 6/7 carries the latest Android 7.1.1 operating system.

Although the new Nokia is appealing, some phone users still feel upset. How to transfer data, contacts, and photos from their old Android to Nokia 6/7 is their big headache.
There is no denying that Doctor Telephone Mobile Transfer can help them solve this problem easily. Mobile Transfer is a kind of transfer software that can help you transfer data, contacts, photos and so on from Android to Nokia 6/7 effectively and efficiently. It is so simple that all you need to do is following three steps. Also, it is safe and reliable that you won’t lose data during the process. Now, let’s learn how to operate it.

Transfer Contacts Photos from Android to Nokia 6/7

Step 1: Launch Mobile Transfer
At the beginning, you need to download and install Mobile Transfer to your computer. When you run the program successfully, you will enter this page like below. Here are four sections. You are supposed to choose “Phone to Phone Transfer” to continue the process.

Launch Mobile Transfer

Step 2: Link your Android phone and Nokia 6/7 to computer
In this step, you need to connect phones with USB cables. When phones connect to the computer successfully and they can be detected by the program, they will be displayed on both sides. Nokia 6/7, as a destination phone is supposed to be on the right. If they are in improper position, you have to click “Flip” to reverse their position.

Link your Android phone and Nokia 6/7 to computer

Step 3: Start to transfer
Next, your phone will display all the transferable data on the interface after scanning. Just tick the data that you want. For example, if you want to transfer contacts, photos, you just tick the option “contacts” and “photos”. And within a few minutes, all the chosen data will be shown on your new phone. Here, what you have to pay attention is that you have to make sure that your phones can be tracked during the whole process.

Start to transfer

It is time-saving and effective. It is worthwhile for you to download it.

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