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How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Sony Xperia

--Wednesday, 26 July 2017

In the past few years, SONY smartphone was not so popular before. We may be more willing to buy Samsung and iPhone. You may not remember what type of SONY smartphone. But Sony Xperia is a popular cell phone. It greatly facilitates our lives. We can easily communicate with friends, family, business partners. Your communication is done by keeping your contacts and email in your phone. You know more friends, then you will have to keep more contacts. Although SONY Xperia contact too much, but no one will be redundant. You can not communicate with others without contacts.

Recover Deleted contacts on SONY

But you do not know when the disaster will happen. Maybe one day you met a new friend in the cafe. You talked to him briefly by phone. This is to let you record his phone number. You find this contact and want to save it to the contact list. But you accidentally delete the contact. You need to know that when you delete a contact, it does not remind you how important it is. Obviously, you can no longer wait for your new friend in this cafe. So you need to find an available method to recover deleted contacts from Sony Xperia.
You can try Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery. It is a professional contact recovery tool. For your Sony Xperia, It can scan your phone in depth, find the deleted contacts and display them in the program. This program is easy to use. Just a few simple clicks, you can restore the deleted contacts.

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Sony Xperia

Step 1. Download Sony Contact Recovery.
You can see in this tutorial that there are two download buttons for the program. This program can be installed on Windows or Mac. You need to install the right one. After running this program, click "Data Recovery". You will receive a prompt to connect SONY to your computer.

Download Sony Contact Recovery

Step 2. Begin to scan deleted contact.
Before scanning your Sony, you need to specify the required data type. In step two, you can check the data you want. When you click the "Scan" button, the program will scan your smartphone.

Begin to scan deleted contact

Step 3. Enable USB debugging.
Some smartphones may not be automatically connected to the computer. If this program can not detect your SONY at the first time, you can enable USB debugging. This time you can view the recovery tool you installed. Different android systems have different ways to enable USB debugging. You will get the tips of this program.

enable USB debugging

Step 4. Recover and View Sony Contact.
Click the program at the bottom right of the "Restore" button, and you can recover deleted contacts to the device. You can view all of Sony's contacts on this program. These deleted contacts will be distinguished by red. You will be able to easily distinguish the contacts that are deleted on the phone.

Recover and View Sony Contact

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