How to Recover Deleted contacts from LG

--Tuesday, 11 July 2017

LG as a well-known brand, has been launched different models of telephone for different markets. In particular, the latest models LG G6, loved by the majority of Android users. By this, LG mobile phone more and more popular like. When more and more people use lg, it will extend a lot of problems, which includes data backup and recovery. In order to prevent data loss, the user can back up the data packets to retrieve the lost data, but when there is no backup package, how to do it?

Recover Deleted contacts on LG

Android Data Recovery can help you to do this. It can help you recover the lost data from LG phone without backup, especially the most important contacts. LG contacts Recovery is easy to implement with the help of Android Data Recovery, and Android Data Recovery can also recover SMS/Photo/Video/Call history, etc. from LG telephone. Now, you can download the free verison to follow several steps to recover contacts LG.

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from LG

Step 1. Download Android Data Recovery.
You have to prepare a USB. When you run this program, you will get prompted to connect LG to the computer. This program will detect your LG. This will not take too much time. When the connection is successful, you will see the phone information.

Download Android Data Recovery

Step 2. Choose to scan contacts.
Here we provide a picture about this step. You will be asked to choose which data to scan. I think it should be easy to choose Contacts. But you can also choose to scan all the data. This will take more time.

Choose to scan contacts

Step 3. Enable USB debugging.
Not all LG phones will go through this step. When you can not connect to the computer, you will see this step. Different android phones have different ways to enable USB debugging. You can follow the method on the picture.

enable USB debugging

Step 4. Recover Deleted Contacts from LG.
When you enter this step, you have successfully restored the deleted contacts from LG. In this program you can only view part of the data. You can export the data to your computer. So you can view all the contacts.

Recover Deleted Contacts from LG

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