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How to Recover Contacts from Broken Screen Android Phone

--Tuesday, 21 March 2017

You never think of how the accident will happen. The most common thing android phone falls to the floor, you simply cannot use a broken screen android phone and can not view the contacts. If these contacts are important to you and you do not have a better way to recover contacts, read on and this article will help you.
This tutorial will use a software to extract contacts rom Broken Screen Android Phone. Because this is not a commonly used features. This software does not support all Andrews models. But you can try this software for free. Maybe it can help you.
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  • Part 1: Why can I extract contacts from a Broken Android Phone?

    A broken android phone can not carry out any operation, how can you recover the contacts inside it?
    We need to know, the data on the phone is only “sleeping”. Contacts stored in the android phone internal memory. But not like pictures, music can be placed on the SD card. It can be simply extracted by converting SD card. At this point, if you can have a recovery tool, download and install on your computer, connect the broken android phone, it will be able to recover your contacts or other data.

    Part 2: How to recover contacts from broken screen Android phone?

    Android Data Recovery is a powerful, easy-to-use software. Whether your phone is Samsung, LG, Sony, Nexus / Pixel, including a variety of damage reasons like broken screen and deadlock, it can help you recover all kinds of data Such as contacts, pictures, video, SMS , etc.

    Step 1. Click "Data Extraction (Damaged Device)".
    This program runs on Windows or Mac, please download the Windows or Mac version on your computer. After the installation is complete, you will be prompted to use usb to connect your broken android phone.

    android data extraction

    Step 2. Check "Contacts".
    Go to this step, you will see various files and choose files you want to recover. You can check the "Contacts" and then click on "Next" to continue.

    broken select files

    Step 3. Choose the type of phone damage.
    If the touch screen can not be used or can not connect the phone, click on the left to enter the next step. Then you need to clearly know your android phone model.

    broken phone fault type

    Step 4. Select the model of the broken phone.

    broken device model

    Step 5. Get your android device into the download mode.
    This step must be, or will not be able to enter the following steps. Just pay attention to the screen prompts on this software from Windows or Mac, this is not difficult.

    broken phone download model

    Step 6. Analyze your android device.
    This software has been successfully connected with your device. It takes time to analyze your device. The contacts you selected will be displayed on the next screen.

    extraction scan device

    Step 7. recover contacts from broken screen Android phone.
    Finally, the contacts in the device are displayed on the screen. You can view them directly or retrieve them to your computer.

    extraction preview contacts

    Tips: Not contacts, Android Data Recovery can also help you recover text messages, photos, videos, music. You can export the file to your computer, view it directly on your computer, or import it to a new phone.

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