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How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Android Phones and Tablets

--Monday, 20 March 2017

Today, most of your work and entertainment are inextricably linked to android devices.However, when you delete or lose all the contacts on the android phones or tablets. Do you want to ask again for each phone number? Here will introduce a tool to help you automatically to restore your contacts on the android devices within a few minutes.-- Android Data Recovery
Perhaps when the user lost the data, only to know the importance of backup data. But android devices do not have a good backup features. Most Android users do not have the habit of backing up data on a regular basis. When the contact is lost, we'd better find the solution at the first time.

Part 1: The Deleted contacts can be retrieved on Android phones or tablets.

You can recover the Deleted contacts.
Recovering deleted contacts does not mean retrieving data that does not exist. The data is still on the android phone, but you can not find them. When the contact, SMS, pictures, music and other data are deleted, the storage space is not immediately clear. But was marked as zero state, waiting for users to add new data before being rewritten. When the contact is deleted as soon as possible after the use of this tool to restore your android devices. Have the opportunity to restore deleted data, but your android may also can not find these deleted contacts.

Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Android Phones and Tablets?

Step 1. Download android data recovery and connect android devices.
1) Install and run the android data recovery software, you will receive a prompt to connect android devices. Your android will be automatically detected. You can view the phone information on the program.

connected android pc

2) At this point, allowing the software to analyze your android phone, you need to enable USB debugging. If your android is successfully connected to a computer, you may not need to enter this step.

usb debugging

3) After successful connection, you can choose to scan "contacts". This program will only scan the selected data. We recommend that you can let this program scan the entire android phone.

select android data

Step 2. Scan your deleted contacts and recover it.
Please ensure that the battery capacity of the android device exceeds 20% .
1) When wanting to this step, you need to allow the superuser to scan your android devices.

enable usb debugging

2) Now you can view your lost contacts on this software, check what you want to restore to your android device. Click "Recover" to save them to your PC or android devices.

recover messages android

Part 3: Restore Deleted contacts from Gmail backups.

When you read this section, make sure that your android device is syncing with your Google Account. If not, there is no available gmail backup to retrieve your deleted contacts.
1) Sign in to Gmail,find the "Contacts" button and click it.
2) "Restore" option hidden in the "More" button, click "More" and then click "Restore".
3) You will receive a prompt to select the date of the backup file for recovery.

 gmail contacts

Tips: an easy to use backup software can work better for you.
Transfer iPhone & Android is a multi-purpose software, can help you one-click backup and restore. You can also import the file to your smartphone.

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