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How to Recover Deleted Contacts from HUAWEI

--Tuesday, 12 September 2017

I used to try to find a useful way to recover deleted contacts from HUAWEI P10. The phone was faulty when I edited the HUAWEI contact. After that, my smartphone lost some contact. It's a pity that I did not save these contacts. So I urgently need to find a simple way to restore the missing contact. It is very inconvenient without these contacts.
If you have a backup of Huawei, you will be easy to find these deleted contacts. But in many cases we lost these contacts before the backup. At this point you need to use the contact recovery tool. You can turn to Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery. This is an effective and easy to use Huawei recovery tool.
These contacts have been removed and are not in the backup. You can only recover them through the recovery tool. But these recovery tools do not necessarily help you. Your Huawei needs to be compatible with this program and is detected by this program. Then you need to make sure that your contacts are not rewritten. The rewritten data can not be recovered by any tools.
Do you not know if your Huawei can be restored? This is very simple, you only need to download and install this program. It can restore deleted contacts, SMS, photos, videos and more from Huawei. It is very easy to use and we introduced how to use this tool. Download this program and view all the steps.

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from HUAWEI

Step 1. Run HUAWEI Contact Recovery.
You must download and install the program on your computer. In this tutorial you can find the software download link. After running, you will see the picture of step 1. Click on "Data Recovery", this feature is suitable for you this situation. If necessary, you can view step 2.

Run HUAWEI Contact Recovery

Step 2. Scan deleted contact from HUAWEI.
Here you can choose to scan text messages, contacts, photos, videos and more. In order to speed up, you can only select contacts. After selecting the data type, the program will detect and restore the deleted contacts. You need to wait for the scan results.

Scan deleted contact from HUAWEI

Step 3. Enable USB debugging.
You may not be in this step. Some users can not connect Huawei to the computer. This is a rare situation. If can not connect to the computer, this program can not detect your Huawei. You can know the connection method on the software. This program integrates this tutorial.

Enable USB debugging

Step 4. Recover Deleted Contacts from HUAWEI.
When the scan is successful, all the data will be displayed on this program. You need to click on the program and view "Contacts". Then you will see all the contacts including the deleted ones. The deleted contacts are marked as red. You do not have to worry about finding the deleted contact. Select these contacts and restore them to the device.

Recover Deleted Contacts from HUAWEI

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