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How to Recover Deleted Call Log from SONY Phone

--Thursday, 27 July 2017

There are many reasons why you might lose Call Log. Although this is not necessarily a good thing, this kind of thing really will happen. Sometimes we will clean up the SONY smartphone. This is what we often do. Such as Call Log, Too much call Log for us is difficult to use the phone. But we may also remove the important SONY call log. Nowadays mobile phone viruses grow rapidly. Android phones can easily download untested files on the site which increases the risk of infected mobile phones. Perhaps your Call Log is just accidentally deleted by your little brother. When this happens to your Sony Phone, you should immediately find a way to restore Call Log.

Recover Deleted Call Log on SONY

When you look for an effective way to recover deleted Call Log, you should know why you can recover it. Fortunately, it is possible to restore the deleted Sony data. The data will not disappear and will only be overwritten. When the call log is deleted, it will not be overwritten immediately. It is only marked as waiting to be overwritten. But you can not see it again on Sony phones. So when you accidentally remove the Call Log in Sony, you should restore it before it is overwritten.
Doctor Telephone Android Data Recovery can help you recover deleted Call Log from Sony Phone. It is a reliable recovery tool that can help you recover Call Log, SMS, contacts and more. You can download the trial of this software. We will guide you how to restore your Call Log by this program.

How to Recover Deleted Call Log from SONY Phone

Step 1. Connect Sony Phone to Computer.
Click on the download button for this program and run it. This program can not run on the phone. If you download it on your phone, we will send a link to your email. After running, you need to connect Sony Phone to your computer using a USB cable. At this point, wait for the connection process.

Connect Sony Phone to Computer

Step 2. Check Sony Phone Call History.
If Sony Phone can not connect to your computer, you can enabled USB debugging. If you do not open it, this recovery tool can not get to your phone. After the connection is successful, you need to check the prompts. This is the type of data that can be recovered and you can see if there is any need for data.

Check Sony Phone Call History

Step 3. Scan Sony Phone Call History.
Click the "Scan" button, this program will scan your Sony Phone. During the scanning process, you can not disconnect Sony from the computer. You only need to be patient to wait for the scanning process. When the scan is successful, you will receive a prompt.

Scan Sony Phone Call History

Step 4. Recover Deleted Call Log from SONY Phone.
At this point, you have successfully scanned the lost Call Log. You can view these retrieved data on this program. If necessary, you can restore them to your computer.

Recover Deleted Call Log from SONY Phone

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