How to Recover Deleted Call Log from LG

--Monday, 10 July 2017

I have an important customer. I contacted him by phone. I accidentally deleted the call log from my LG. I do not have his contacts. I really want to get back my call history from my LG. But I can not find the data in the backup. Is there any way to help me recover the deleted call history?

Recover Deleted Call Log on LG

Some third-party recovery tools can help you. But usually this will root your LG. While this will not damage your cell phone. You need to understand its recovery process. Android Data Recovery is an efficient recovery tool. You can use it to restore deleted call history, contacts, text messages, photos, videos and music. These tools are not necessarily able to recover all the data from LG. You can try it for free.

How to Recover Deleted Call Log from LG

Step 1. Connect LG to Computer.
This tutorial provides a download link for this recovery tool. You need to download and run this software. After running this software on your Windows or Mac, you will be prompted to connect LG to your computer. So you need to connect LG to the computer.

Connect LG to Computer

Step 2. Extract LG "Call History".
This step you will find that you can recover a variety of lost data. It will take longer when you extract all the lost data. So you can only to extract LG call log.

Extract LG Call History

Step 3. Allow to Scan LG "Call History".
This program can not scan your phone without your permission. Sometimes this program will ROOT your android phone. All this is to retrieve the data you deleted.

Allow to Scan LG Call History

Step 4. Recover Deleted Call Log from LG.
At this time the program will display a variety of data from your phone. Click "Call History", you can check this data. If you find out the deleted call history of your LG, you can export them to your computer.

Recover Deleted Call Log from LG

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