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How to Recover Photos/Videos from Samsung with Black Screen

--Monday, 22 May 2017

When the Samsung phone system is updated, we may be the first to use the latest features. But not always safe in the update process, sometimes Samsung will be stuck in the black screen. At this time you may be annoyed. You want to fix your Samsung as soon as possible, but during the repair process you may lose the photos/videos in the Samsung.

Recover Data from Samsung with Broken Screen

Samsung Data Recovery can help you extract photos/videos from Samsung. You can restore Samsung's photos and videos as quickly as possible. Then you can fix your Black Screen Samsung.

How to Recover Photos/Videos from Samsung with Black Screen

Step 1. Run "Data Extraction".
You need to download Samsung Data Recovery. Then connect the Samsung to the computer. This does not need your Samsung phone Enable USB Debugging.

Run Data Extraction

Step 2. Check your Samsung photos/videos.
This software can restore a variety of Samsung files. In order to recover your photos and videos faster. You can check the data selectively.

Check your Samsung photos videos

Step 3. choose the type of phone damage.
This software will prompt you how to detect your Samsung. Follow its operation. Then select "Black Screen".

choose the type of phone damage

Step 4. Get into download mode.
Note the tips of this software screen. Follow its steps. And you will get your Samsung into download mode.

Get into download mode

Step 5. Extract Samsung Photos/Videos.
When entering this step. This recovery tool has automatically extracted Samsung files. You only need to wait for the extraction to complete.

Extract Samsung Photos Videos

Step 6. Recover Photos/Videos from Black Screen Samsung.
Now you can view all the photos and videos from Samsung on the software. If necessary, you can export all the data to your computer.

Recover Photos Videos from Black Screen Samsung

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